Monday, January 25, 2016

Beware the Memes on the Internet!

This Meme is Making the Rounds on Facebook. The charge is
that it was seen outside a mosque in Dearborn, MI.
My writing history as relates to Islam is pretty well chronicled here on Renegade's Rants, and it would not be hard for any reader of this article to see exactly what I mean. I should point out that while I am much less rabid than many writers of a Christian conservative viewpoint, I am nevertheless very much anti-anyone who is anti-America. It is not that I believe growing up in this country makes anyone more or less elite than anyone else in the world; it is the fact that to this day, the US is still one of the best places to be for religious freedom, personal freedom, and the overall protection of law.

With this being said, I also find the intentional misrepresentation of Muslims to be sickening. If anyone has an issue with Islam, that to me is fine; the issue is with an ideology, as opposed to a living and breathing human being. However, to take pot shots at people because they believe differently, live differently, and dress differently is absolutely and unequivocally the lowest, most despicable, undeniably vile thing anyone can do. Those who manufacture such gross lies and stories are the first in my proverbial crosshairs today.

Above is a picture which I have seen going viral on Facebook and on Google+ most of the day. It is certainly frightening to think that anyplace within the United States would have such a sign, and it is terrifying to think that there could be a group of people so brazen as to say place it in the first place. According to the various comments accompanying this image, it is seen outside a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. Understandably, the picture is creating quite a stir.

However, the first thing I would like you to do is look at the title on the sign seen above: There is no such mosque in Dearborn, MI, and likely never would be. That is because even the most militant of Muslim extremists in the US (and there are radical Muslims living in this nation and seeking to create a caliphate here) would never blatantly advertise their goal. How do I know? Because there are far too many gun toting nutcases out there who would have no problem turning their attention from the basically defenseless people in abortion clinics to equally defenseless people in a mosque. The intention of the radical are not to get their own killed; sure they'll use suicide bombers and the like; but they need people who do not wish to commit suicide to populate whatever region they are intent on taking over. This is just one reason of several for why the sign seen above ought to raise eyebrows.

For my dollar (nickles are currently worthless), whoever created this meme in the first place ought to be paraded into the public spotlight to explain themselves, at the very least. Preferably, I'd like to see them tried on criminal charges. They do not deserve to live as though they are law-abiding citizens; nor do they deserve to believe they are patriots without having that self-aggrandizing notion severely challenged in a court of law. Whomever created this hoax ought to be caned. For that matter, anyone sharing and perpetuating this willful attempt at inciting violence; anyone who is doing so and knows it to be false; ought to be charged, convicted and punished as accomplices.

But, here I am, going off on a tangent again. I suppose it wouldn't be a rant without the occasional rabbit trail.

Note the URL seen at the bottom of this image.
Can you see the one in the first image? No? That's because
someone intentionally cropped it out of the picture.
Let me get back to why this sign is a hoax.  To the right, note that you can see the very same symbol at the top of the sign. The very same title can be seen on the sign. The very same building can be seen to the right of the sign, and the cars are exactly the same and in the same positions as in the image above. Note however that the slogan is not the same. How is this possible?

Anything is possible when you utilize a church sign generator, which is precisely what the perpetrator of this particular hoax did. What's more, he or she did so with the express purpose of creating hysteria. What's worse is that this meme was created around or long before 2014, which means some ignoramus decided to resurrect this specific zombie- And believe me, it is so evil that even Umbrella Corp would wash their hands of it.

In summary, if you value your own reputation as an intelligent, ethical and law-abiding individual, DO NOT repost this atrocity. It is beyond foolish. It is beyond childish. It is an absolute abomination that fully deserves to be forgotten. Feel free to tell the same to your friends... Or, if you're not sure how they'd react, then by all means; share this article with them. It's worth it to hopefully save someone from the shame of ignorantly following hate and fear mongers.

Renegade out.