Monday, April 1, 2013

Joshua Black: Kick It UP!

Joshua Black
Joshua Black: Hierarchy of Christ - Used with permission.
Folks, I want to take a break from the sociopolitical issues to talk for a moment about something I've been privileged to be helping with for a short while; something I believe in immensely, and something I think that family, friends and readers from all parts of the spectrum will enjoy.
I'm not going to invite you all to church with me...  Though if you're interested, fee free to hit me up about that.  I'm not going to sell you holy wood from the cross, because that's just stupid.  I'm not even looking to get you to check out my latest YouTube video... Mainly because it's been awhile since I've put one up.

No folks, I'm talking about something that's important.  Something of value.  Something that has game-changing potential.

I'm talking about Joshua Black.

Joshua Black: Hierarchy of Christ is an amazing comic that is currently being published by ConArtist Entertainment.  Right now, they have a Kickstarter going and let me tell you...  The rewards are unbelievable.  Even for a $1 donation, you're getting far more of value back.

But seriously.  What can I say about the storyline of this amazing tale that hasn't been said better already?  Here- An excerpt taken from the Joshua Black Kickstarter itself:

The Hierarchy. A bloodline of existence.  Only one has been recorded ascending from the earth to take the throne of heaven, but His story has been told.  On this day, another will rise.  This is the story of a deity.  This is the story of a living God.  This is the story of JOSHUA BLACK. and how he ended the world, not with a whimper... but with a bang!

Joshua Black
Acclaim for Joshua Black
Used with permission.
The story of this epic is written so well that the late Christopher Hitchens, and noted apologist Dinesh D'Souza, might actually agree on the worthiness of this project for support.  (Which would be quite the amazing thing, given their 2010 debate at Notre Dame.)  More importantly, however, it is a tale that I believe will one day be on the same level as Spiderman, Captain America, or The Flash in terms of being relatable.  (Apologies to those who find these characters to be less than interesting.)

It details the life of a seemingly ordinary young man: A young man who deals with bullies, peer pressure, girlfriend worries and everything else most high school students deal with.  He's got a few friends, most notably his good friend Pete Sanderson, who also have their own personal demons to wrestle with.

Joshua, however, has a few aspects of his life that are most relatable if one has also experienced the same things themselves.  The death of his mother; the physical, emotional and verbal abuse from his father... These things shape the world in which Joshua lives.

Yet, something sets Joshua apart: He's next in line to take the throne of Heaven, and he doesn't even know it!

This last Sunday morning, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Martin Dunn, the writer/creator of Joshua Black.  Of the many questions which were asked and answered, one of those I found most interesting was the origin of this book.

I do not wish to bore you with a full transcript, however, I do recommend that you listen to the full interview, which can be found HERE.

I want to mention for a moment the rewards which are being offered: Digital copies of issues 1 and 2 for a mere dollar, plus more; digital copies of issues 1-7 and printed thanks in the paperback for $10, plus more; a personalized video message for $50, plus more; a guest host spot on the Con Artist Entertainment podcast for $100, plus more; a full page color ad for one's business or personal venture for $300, plus more...  And for each of these, you receive the rewards from all previous tiers as well!

Where are these funds going?  Again, I refer to the Kickstarter itself:

The purpose of this KickStarter campaign is to fully fund the artwork and publishing costs required to complete production of both physical and digital copies of the book, as well as collected edition. The biggest chunk of the money pledged to this project will be used to pay the talented artistsinkerscolorists, and letterers who will bring this story to life.  Funds will also be used to cover the costs of printing and marketing, which unfortunately, are not cheap.  We're confident that, with adequate resources, we'll be able to produce a quality product, and successfully market it to a large audience.

In closing, let me urge you to go to the Joshua Black Kickstarter and pledge today.  I leave you with this, the video found on the Kickstarter page.