Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fiction, Comics, and Joshua Black: The subtle draw of Joshua Black Hierarchy of Heaven

What is fiction?

Fiction is the ability to write a potential future from current events.  It is the ability to portray the series of events to reach the end result of a given scenario or line of thinking.  It is the ability to take single theory or thought, and string it along all of its plausible courses to reach a final outcome.

With that said, what are comics and/or graphic novels?

This medium is the method of taking fiction and bringing it to life visually.  It allows the artists and writers to take a story that is compelling and powerful and amplify it to the nth degree.  It is the ability to combine a tale that is interesting and intriguing and gripping, and create artwork that helps to tell the story with images designed to inspire and accentuate the emotions of the story.

Why am I talking about this?

Joshua Black
Because Joshua Black, (written by Martin Dunn and published by Con Artist Entertainment), has a very interesting premise, and has but a few days left to meet their stretch goals via Kickstarter.

Allow me to quote the summary of the Joshua Black storyline:
The Hierarchy. A bloodline of existence.  Only one has been recorded ascending from the earth to take the throne of heaven, but His story has been told.  On this day, another will rise.  This is the story of a deity.  This is the story of a living God.  This is the story of JOSHUA BLACK. and how he ended the world, not with a whimper... but with a bang!

For those of you who are interested in theology, and specifically the theological heresies of Christianity, this may be a very interesting entry.  If you are not all that interested in it, you may still find this to be a worthwhile read.
Joshua Black

The first thing one will notice, regardless of your interest, is the fact that the story is based upon a character that becomes God.  I've had countless contacts since announcing my support for this series, and most are asking me a single question with multiple variations: Why are you, as a Christian, supporting something so diametrically opposed to your beliefs?

The answer to this question is simple: Because Joshua Black takes the Arianism heresy to its absolute final conclusion, and demonstrates, in my opinion, just why the heresy is so very contrary to the Word of God, and dangerous at the same time.

A little background first.  Arianism is not to be confused with Hitler's Arian Dream.  Arianism was created by a monk who could not reconcile himself to the belief that God was triune.  His solution to the perceived problem, then, was to declare that Jesus Christ, far from being God made flesh, was actually a created being that had been set aside specifically for the purpose of death on the cross.  His resurrection, according to the heresy, was proof that He had carried out His purpose successfully, and was thus granted deity status.

Of the many problems with this doctrine, one stands out most: It states that Christ was merely human.

Joshua BlackIn Joshua Black, a young man discovers that he is next in the hierarchy of Christ; that is, he is the same as Christ in that he was created specifically to serve a particular purpose and ascend to the throne of Heaven as the next "Son of God."  This is Arianism at its most blatant, and it does play out all the way to the end.

Because Joshua is a mere human tapped for godhood and granted the powers of a god, certain things are bound to happen.  For instance, we see in Scripture that Christ calmed storms at sea; what would happen if a tormented teen lets loose a verbal barrage of vehement speech against someone or something, but does so with the power of a god backing him?  Another example: We see Christ rejecting Satan's temptations; but what would happen if a hormonal demigod gave in to temptation?

This series is going to be an amazing ride for everyone, and I believe I can promise that.  There is so much more to the story; so much more depth to each of the characters; so much more underlying intrigue that it really will grasp the attention of anyone willing to give it a shot.

Right now, one of the most amazing things about this series is that it is being crowd-sourced, in a manner of speaking.  Their Kickstarter was successful, but they are now seeking to meet stretch goals to ensure both quality and a continued story.  You can be a part of this.  Just click on either the name "Joshua Black" or "Kickstarter" anywhere in this article to be taken to their profile where you can choose to support one of the most amazing stories to come out in comics since that of Wolverine.

Joshua Black
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