Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Equality: Homosexuals, Marriage, and Christian Blindness

You know, I'm seeing a lot of different things being posted about equality. I'm seeing Christians posting anti-homosexual sentiments (at the worst), as well as more reasonable Christians posting things to the effect of 'I support Biblical model marriage,' and other variations on the theme.
On the other hand, I'm also seeing many other people posting graphics which paint those who don't agree with homosexuality as a life style as being as bad as those who want to outright kill homosexuals. Granted, this is the worst element; the more reasonable ones are simply saying that marriage is not a church institution; never was; this is not a Christian country and never was; etc.
Each group has valid points made with valid facts, and each group has a great deal of invalid points created from invalid facts. 

You know what I think, folks?  I think Christians have lost sight of the big picture.  Since when has Christianity been about earthly equality, or lack thereof?

Of course, I could say the same for Equality of Marriage supporters: Since when has Christianity been about earthly equality, or lack thereof?

You see, the same question applies to both camps, believe it or not.

Let me address Christians first, because honestly, I see them as being far more responsible for the problems at hand.  
Brothers and sisters, we are more responsible, like it or not.  We are held to a higher standard, and as such, we are more responsible now for the issues that are now than unbelievers are.  Sure, those who remain unbelievers will be held accountable in the final judgment, but until that day comes, guess who's holding?

Yep.  Us.

So let me put it to you this way: Our job is not to make rules and laws for unbelievers to follow.  Straight up, that makes us pharisees.  That makes us the people Christ verbally slapped every time they came around.  I do not feel like getting that kind of a backhand, and none of you should want it either.  Additionally, we were not put here to dictate life choices to others; the laws of the Bible may apply to all, but forcing people who do not believe is the same as a Muslim demanding conversion at the end of a sword: That's not God's way, and it should not be ours.  Let them fall on the Rock of their own accord and be broken.  Let the judgment fall upon them through their own iniquity, by their own hand, and quit trying to be the proverbial sword- Again, that is not our job.
People get caught up in this being a Christian nation, and they forget something very important: The Christians who had a part in the founding of this country paired up with Deists, Atheists, and a slew of others to do so.  This country was not made a theocracy, nor should it become one.  There are more than enough of those in the world: Most are in the Middle East, and you can see how well they're doing.  And don't give me the "well they're not serving the living God" bull.  They aren't, there we agree; but how many humans have you met that have it completely, 100% together?  Who would you honestly trust with absolute power to enforce the will of God?  If you can't name a single man or woman you'd trust in that capacity, then you need to quite talking out of your hindquarters and quit pushing morality on people who have shifting morality.  For the record, if you CAN name someone you'd trust in that position, you need to evaluate the cult you belong to, because even Moses screwed the pooch.

Don't like the straight talk?  Too bad.  Even Paul wrote that he considered the things of this world to be shit compared to Christ Jesus, and I'll be tarred, feathered and set alight before I speak any differently than plain.

You unbelievers and supporters of marriage equality- Listen up.

The most loudmouthed Christians are not those who represent Christianity.  You people accuse Christians of judging you all based upon varying examples, yet do the exact same thing.  Grow up, think like an adult, and use that gray matter to recognize that random examples of Christian intolerance do not properly represent the Christian community as a whole.  
You want your opponents to quit characterizing every homosexual male as an overly effeminate, lisping moron with a jones for jocks?  Quit acting like every Christian is a homophobe. You want your opponents to quit speaking and acting as if every homosexual female is a bull dike, more man than woman, and only lacking the scrotum and body hair?  Quit portraying every opponent as a knife wielding, hood wearing, "God hates fags" nutcase.

You people want equality?  Start behaving like equals.  Start arguing on an intellectual level, and quit acting like two year olds without toys.
Case in point: I have a friend, Toni, who is an amazingly intelligent, witty and down-to-earth young man.  This is a man who is, at times, given to purely emotional outbursts.  However, the majority of the time, he gives a highly intellectual argument; presents well thought out points; and generally treats the people he is debating with respect.  He, folks, ought to be upheld as a model for others to follow in this regard.

Now, if anything I've said here offends you, let me be the first to say "Good."  The nation got into this mess because of its obsession with political correctness, and the crap needs to end.  Pushing political correctness is the same damn thing as legislating morality, and I'm sick as f*ck of both.

Bottom line: Equality is a bullsh!t word.  Secular equality means that everyone has the same rights, the same freedoms, etc.  Biblical equality, (look this up if you disagree), says that every human being on the face of the earth today is as much a sinner as the next.  Ask any random ten people on the street what equality is, and you are more likely to get ten different responses than you are to find ten people who voted in the last election.  
The majority of the equality advocates which I have met are not advocating equality for the sake of equality- they are advocating it because they're angry at religious folks; because they believe God is imaginary and religion is a hoax; and/or because they have been hurt somehow in some way in the past.

Christians, our duty is not to these people's sexual practices, deviant or not.  Our duty is to their souls, and like it or not, demanding they conform to a standard of practice is NOT going to save them.  Sorry.  You'll actually have to get off your asses and actually DO something... 

Start with obeying Christ, above any and every man, and begin to actually spread the Gospel; you know, instead of paying it lip service, and doing the exact opposite?

In short... Why do we attempt to do for God what God does not do for Himself?

EDIT: A very important section of this article was somehow lost when I published it- The phrase "which I have met" now appears where it should have been from the beginning.