Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Erdogan's Egregious Error Part 1

Otherwise titled: How to make 6,000 a total of 600,000 with one phrase verbally expelled by an ignorant troglodyte.

In a recent interview, Recep Erdogan stated that Israel has killed hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, while only "a few" Israelis have been killed by Palestinian rockets.  He made another statement which was just as ludicrously bogus, but let's deal with this first.

I have to notice, right off the bat, that the man does not challenge the fact that the Palestinians fires rockets into a sovereign nation.  That in and of itself should flip on a few lights as to the reliability of the man's statements; not to mention the true nature of his motives.  The Palestinians firing rockets are, at little best, terrorists.  Period.  There is no other accurate portrayal, no matter what the Mass (Sheep) Media says.

I am sure that there are Palestinians who want nothing more than to live in peace.  I am convinced of this.  Since this is the case, their fellows ought to cease their terrorist activities and work things out via proper procedure.  That, or the peace desirous Palestinians ought to hang their terrorist neighbors; that would make a greater impact than white flags, I guarantee it.

Either way, they cannot bring a demand for recognition of their "sovereign state" while inside the boundaries of a recognized sovereign nation.  Not without the go ahead from Israel.  In this case, Israel will not allow them to do so, and why should they?  The national boundaries they have now were gained through legal and proper channels; one with Egypt, and one with Jordan.  The area occupied by so-called Palestinians?  A part of Israel according to the Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace.  Those in the Gaza Strip?  Part of Israel according to the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty.

Back to Erdogan's idiotic remark.

The first and most obvious is the number he used.  According to B'Tselem numbers, there have been nearly 6,500 Palestinians killed since September 29, 2000 to the present day.  Even as a conservative estimate, these numbers are a far cry from "hundreds of thousands."  More interesting, perhaps, is the breakdown of this number.

According to B'Tselem, 98.8% of these figures are "killed on their own land."  How can that be, I ask, when these lands are properly Israel?  The fact that B'Tselem calls these areas "occupied territories" brings into question their own allegiance.  If you go to IfAmericaKnew, you find a further distortion of the facts: They state that according to B'Tselem, between 3,535-4,226 of these deaths belong to civilians.

Here's the problem- Palestinians have no actual army.  The entire population, fighting age, IS the army.  In a word, there may be no army, but there are also no civilians.  The only reason they can be classified by "civilians" by this so-called humanitarian organization is because they could not be "actively tied to violent activity."

By the way- Israeli deaths stand at roughly 1,262- Rough because it is not a complete enumeration.  This number is significantly higher than the "few" Erdogan stated.  While it is significantly lower than the deaths of Palestinians, take into account the emergency medical accommodations available within Israel.  If not for these, the large majority of the more than 8,000 injuries would surely have been mortal.  Incidentally, this would place the number of Israeli deaths at far higher than Palestinian losses.

Let's look at the beginnings of "Palestine."

They came into being roughly about 135 A.D.  Prior to this, the land was- Israel.  Palestine was formed as a direct result of the Roman Empire- It was a move by the emperor Hadrian in 135 AD to prevent the conquered Nation of Israel from attempting to rise up any longer.  He moved his armies into the region and scattered Israel.  At this time, Jerusalem was leveled, and two foreign peoples were moved into the new regions he'd created, respectively named Palestine and Aelia Capitolina, part of the new province Syria Palaestina.

So to recap, Palestinians claim to own land for which they never had right to; land which was wrenched from Israel by Rome for the origination of Palestine.  Israel finally reclaimed the land which was theirs prior to ancient occupation with the peace treaty signed between Israel and Jordan.  Now, Palestinians are attempting to claim land which was not rightfully theirs to begin with as theirs now- Though the land in question has been legally and rightfully Israel's since 1979 and 1994.

So- With all of this being said, I have just one question:

What is the issue here?  Bottom line, Israel is dealing with squatters, and they're even willing to give them portions of Israel.

Try taking over someone's home and see if they're as kind.

PS: Hello to the readers from the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East countries.  I welcome all of your comments, but for those of you who are prone to aggressive linguistic jabs, I say this: Save any threats for some other person.  I'm not intimidated. Thanks.