Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which of These Sounds Right?

Pharaoh and all his men were storming into the open area of the Red Sea. As they neared, Moses looked up and asked God, "Aren't you going to wash them away with the Sea?" There was a snort from on high, followed by, "What?! And pollute My creation?!"

Jesus and His disciples were just finishing up after He fed the five thousand. As the crowds left, and his disciples began to gather the food, Christ had one last instruction for them. "Make sure you collect any remaining trash, too! We want to make sure we don't litter."

As God looked out over the expanse of space, He created the planets. After forming Earth, He glanced around. Then He said, "Let there be non-mercury laden, carbon footprint reducing light!"

After Joshua leveled the last stronghold of their enemy, he began to order his men to sow salt into the ground. Suddenly, a messenger of the Lord appeared. "Belay that order!" the messenger cried. "The Lord's decided that would be bad for the environment."

IF any of these examples resonates with you; if you feel that any of these are right sounding; if you think the Bible has totally covered up an eco-sensitive Creator, one who is ultimately concerned with the protracted existence of this world... You're blooming nuts.

Remember, we're talking about a God who will leave the bodies of hundreds of thousands to rot in the Valley of Meggido. Also, the same one who destroyed it once already with a flood- And if you think THAT wasn't bad for the environment... Finally, this same God will destroy this world with fire when all is said and done- How's that for global warming?

Look, it boils down to this: We are called to be stewards of creation. We are meant to care for it, and to prevent things such as extinction. However, we are not called to prevent people from using incandescent light bulbs.

Thanks for listening.