Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Dare Those... (Part 2 of 3)

How dare those white people!!

How dare they think that just because it's the "White House," only white folks belong there!

Better yet, how dare they NOT get behind the black candidate?

Whites are not, as a whole, Neo-Nazi supremacists with affinities for the letter "K" in triplicate. There are some, just as there are the "Black Power" folks who feel the need to kill or beat any white they come across.

This is the truth of the matter. There will always be the crazy, fringe dwelling groups who deal out death, destruction and mayhem. It is merely going to be. There is no getting around it.

What I want to know is how are these candidates going to do about the supporters who belong to these extreme type groups? Let me see...

Obama has a particular group supporting him that declares him to be virtually a savior- Apparently, according to this small group of people, he will rectify all the injustice done to the black race throughout the history of this nation. Amazing.
He also has a more violent group supporting him. These folks, whom I have had the sad fortune of meeting, are looking forward to him becoming president. They apparently believe that they'll be able to take over properties, confiscate vehicles and livestock... All in the name of "fairness." As previously mentioned, they get violent when it is pointed out that this is not likely to happen at all.

McCain has a particular group following him that declares him to be the return of the war hero era. That's all well and good, except the last war hero we elected turned out to be a bad idea. When this fact is brought to light, these folks immediately deem you a terrorist or "commie scum," and refuse to speak to you.
He also has a following among the various white supremest groups. These folks are sickening, to an extreme sense. They support McCain because he's white- And that is it. They wear shirts such as the one I was treated to seeing a couple days ago. It read, "N**** please- It's a WHITE house." They scream foul, disgraceful and hurtful things at anyone of color, but especially Obama and his supporters.

Gentlemen- Start your engines.

I'd like to see each of these men actually get on with reprimanding these people. Instead, they BOTH spend most of their time lying through their teeth and attacking one another. Want to unite the country, boys? Tell the extremists to STFU.

Listen, blacks need not vote for blacks for the same reasons whites need not vote for whites. It's about the issues of the day, politically, and not something that's based solely upon external appearance. Is race an issue? It most certainly is, and it has been shown to be just as serious, indeed as deadly, now as it was a hundred years ago.

However, please listen to me.

Electing a white man to office is not going to make black people disappear, nor will it make your hatred of them socially acceptable. Likewise, electing a black man to office is not going to make white people disappear, nor will it allow the hatred toward THEM any more a good thing than it is now.
The issue of race and racial relations is only going to be solved through a certain amount of ignorance combined with an agreement and an understanding. It will NOT be solved through one election, but through many elections; Not through simply a president, but through senate, congress, and local level politics.

To believe that the election of a black president or a female vice president is going to change suddenly how the world views us or how we view ourselves is a pleasant lie, but a lie all the same. The only thing this election will change, regardless of the outcome, is the history book.

McCain seems to be a great guy who has a certain standard and moral judgment. That's good. However, if you believe that he cannot lie, I'd remind you that he is still human, and every human lies. He is just as corrupted as every individual in Washington.
His track record certainly DOES speak for itself. He voted for the war in Afghanistan, for the war in Iraq, and does not support an immediate pulling of the troops. He has his hands in two cookie jars often enough to raise eyebrows as to whose side he's truly on. He HAS supported our current president. He argued against a Social Security overhaul, proposing instead a form of investment.

You've seen all the ads for his wonderful deeds. He has a history unlike any other candidate in the primaries or the current match-up. He IS a war hero, certainly. However... Look up his voting record. See who's interests he REALLY has at heart. Discover for yourself what kind of a president he'd be, instead of relying on CNN or Fox to tell you.

News is no longer unbiased. You, on the other hand, have the ability to make up your own mind. I'd suggest you begin to do so. Take ownership of your own brain, form your own thoughts, and then... Take ownership of your vote. Plant the seed, reap the harvest, and do not, DO NOT, cry if you have failed to take your duty seriously.

We need more adults, and fewer whiners. Think about it.