Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Dare Those... (Part 1 of 3)

How dare those black people!

How dare they think that just because their ancestors spilled sweat and blood into the dirt, they are worthy of such a thing as the White House!


Better yet, how dare they wait so long to stand behind one man?

It's not their history that makes them, as a race, worthy of the White House. It's the fact that they are citizens of this country. Say what you will, think what you will. Blacks deserve the presidency just as much as whites, natives, etc... IF, that is, they are citizens.

Illegals aside for the moment, we who reside in this country have an obligation to step up for the job... Or to vote for it. There really is NO other choice- If you are sitting at home on November 4th, you'd be better off dead. You'd free up some land for others, free up some money for the economy, and you're already making about as much of an impact on our government now as you will then.

Back to black...

I encourage everyone to get their heads out of their hindquarters and vote based upon issues, not skin color. Folks, if you are American-Africans, and you are voting for McCain, that does not make you disloyal to anyone.
If you are Caucasian, and voting for Obama, you are not being disloyal to anyone.

The only way you are being disloyal to someone is if you vote for a guy you'd down a beer with, or if they've got the same skin tone, or if you think they re good looking, etc.

Then, the only person you are being disloyal to is yourself.

A black man in office sounds like a great idea to me. Of course, a woman VP sounds good as well.

The gist I've been getting is that blacks will vote for blacks because they are of the same people. Whites may vote for blacks because they do not want to appear racist. I understand these issues. However, voting emotion over pure, logical decision has always been, and will always be, a bad idea.

Back during the primaries, Hillary called for women to vote for her BECAUSE she was a woman. That is NOT a reason to vote for anyone.

Barak seems to be a great guy who has a firm set of principles. This I am happy to see. However, if you think for a moment that he isn't as dishonest as every other politician in Washington, think again.
His track record speaks, and speaks loudly. Taxes when "the people" weren't looking, minor tax cuts when they were. Socialization of medicine as opposed to nailing the pharm companies and equipment suppliers for price gouging. Pointing fingers when there seems to be a contribution out of place, but remaining quiet on his own shadowy dealings.

You've seen the ads. You know all the good things he's done, or claims to have done. I'd encourage you to go and research the missteps. The problems. The issues. Look in the shadows, and then weigh the pros and cons.

Once done, make your decision, and make it good. You will have four years of regret if you waste it.

Think about it.