Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Hate Speech

This is my official proclamation on where I stand on other religions, beliefs and issues. Though I do not make fun of anyone, or slander anyone, you'll notice that my opinions are very pronounced. Since I do not believe that any human on this planet will EVER see heaven without first knowing God, through Jesus Christ as their Savior, well... You can call this my hate speech.

Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.- All merely hold different views on our common beliefs. One Savior, born of a virgin, died as a sin sacrifice for all mankind, and rose again after three days in a tomb. He appeared to many people, eating with them even, and was taken up to Heaven in plain view of over a dozen witnesses. We believe He will return again in power and glory to take His people away prior to the destruction of the Earth. We believe that Jesus the Christ was the Son of God, and that the ONLY way to Heaven is through Christ.

Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, Catholicism, etc.- All claim a form of Christ, but do not believe according to the Word of God.
Catholicism is really the only one that can swing both ways, as I know many proclaiming Catholics that truly do know Christ. However, I also know Catholics that do not know Christ as their Savior at all. They know Him as the figure on the cross and the traditions and religion make them feel they are doing something, makes them feel that they are earning their way to Heaven- It doesn't happen that way.

Catholics, Mary WAS NOT, IS NOT, and NEVER WILL BE holy, nor is she to be revered, nor is she to be deified. Her obedience should be admired, she was blessed certainly, and absolutely, she is a role model. But she is not the mother of God. She was the mother chosen by God. Saints are not meant to be worshiped, adored or prayed to. Icons are not meant to be revered, or worshiped.
These things are meant to be used, if you must, as aids of worship; Very much like a guitar, a hymnal or an organ. NOT to be revered. Frankly, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ, ALONE, as their Lord and Savior.

Jehovah Witnesses are absolutely wrong in their beliefs. Great people, but dead wrong. There are so many issues I have with their beliefs, I really should not even begin right now. The idea that we are part of 44,000 JEWS is completely contradicted by the Bible. However, if we believe the literature of the Watch Tower, there are parts of the Bible that right, part of it that are wrong, and we are supposed to trust someone else to tell us which is which. Sadly, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Mormonism is very much like Islam without the jihad. It was started by a drug addicted alcoholic who was having an ongoing affair on his wife. Only thing that didn't happen was the murderous rampage into the town that threw him out. However, to reduce Jesus to nothing more than a mortal who attained godhood is a slap in the face. To believe that MEN will eventually attain godhood also, provided that the right things are done, is foolish. To tell women that they are just as equal as men, when the actual belief states that women will spend the after life serving man-gods also makes all who recruit for this false religion liars.
The truth is, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Islam is also a false belief. Something that political correctness refuses to do is tell the truth. Thus, I am being totally and completely politically incorrect when I say that they are misguided, misdirected and misinformed. It too was formed by a drug addicted alcoholic who had an affair with the wife of the towns ruler. Only difference here is that several years after being thrown out, this man came back and killed every member of the town except the wife- she he married.
There is no Allah, unless you are going with the literal translation which is "One God." Then, you would have to use it as a term in reference to Jesus Christ. However, they DO NOT consider Christ holy, merely a great prophet. They believe that Allah allowed His death upon the cross for attempting to claim godhood, and they do not believe He rose from the dead.
However, there is only ONE way to Heaven, it is Jesus Christ. You will not have 72 virgins, but you will have eternal life. There will never be a Heavenly reward for blowing oneself up. God hates murder, and wholesale murder is just not going to get around that.
I know a few Muslims, they are wonderful people, occasionally we talk, sometimes debate, religion, but they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Satanist, Wiccan, Witch, Pagan, etc. Hell is NOT a party. You will not drink the blood of Christians from their skulls. "Mother Nature" DID NOT create God, nor is it god. There IS NO GODDESS. Satan will not rise up and strike God down, nor will goddess Gaia strike down those who do not believe. You have no power but that which is given you. You are given it for as long as you are of use to Satan, and he WILL destroy you when you are of no further use. The ONLY way to stop this from happening is to renounce your sinful life and accept Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Renounce the dark lord, and make Him Lord of your life.
I have a few friends who fall into this category. Good people, but if you do not do this, you are going to hell.

Atheist, Maltheist, Hedonist, Agnostic, etc. There is a God and there is a Devil. There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell. You are not the end of all things, and you DO NOT control your own future. Granted, your decisions are your own, but they have already been seen by God, and have been planned on accordingly so His perfect will comes to pass. God IS NOT evil. He will allow hardship and tragedy but He IS NOT the source of the pain. He is a God of ORDER, not a God of CHAOS. Carnal pleasure IS NOT a means of worship, nor are any of your fleshly desires.
I know several folks who fit in this category and while I enjoy these people, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual. You WERE NOT born this way. There are genes in each person that dictate whether a man will be more effeminate, and whether a woman will be more masculine, however- NO ONE IS BORN HOMOSEXUAL. This lifestyle is wrong, you are living in sin, and while God will take you where you are at, He WILL NEVER tell you it is all right to continue living this lifestyle. Anyone who HAS told you this has done you a disservice.
----->----->A Side-note to homosexual clergy: YOU ARE WRONG!!!! You are living in sin, you are leading your flocks into sin and you are damning yourselves and others. Listen carefully, you snakes and vipers- should you continue, and die in this transgression, THERE WILL BE NO MERCY FOR YOU on the day of judgment.
I have several gay friends and a couple of lesbian friends, as well as a few bi friends and family, and I love them all dearly. I have seen a couple turn from their wickedness, but sadly, the others are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. No, not one person will ever go to hell because of their party affiliation. However, you politicians. Your actions are watched and weighed and recorded. There will be a final day of reckoning for ALL mankind, and no diplomatic immunity, no political privilege, no special interest will bail you out. Even if you ARE a believer, you WILL have to answer for your decisions, because they SHAPED A COUNTRY.
YES, it matters if a politician has an affair. Yes, it matters if they are flamboyantly homosexual. (Barney Frank- Hell is paging.) Yes, it matters if he has had sex while on the job! (Bill Clinton? Seating for one in the lake of fire.)
---->---->Side-note to the President off the United States: Quite playing with fire, Mr. President. Israel is to be an ally at any cost. Look at the time line, sir, and tell me it isn't frightening that with each major departure from good standing with them, there is a corresponding natural disaster. You claim to be a Christian, and yet your actions of late have shown there to be little fruit. You claim a form of Christianity, Mr. President, and with all due respect, you will be one of the goats lest you change your ways. America will not go down because of you, sir, but America will watch your fall. It has already begun... Are you too blind to see it?
My examples, I'm sure, are nice people, with hopes and dreams for the future, and I'm sure we could find common ground. However, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Pro-choice, Pro-abortion... Any who willingly and knowingly support abortion with the knowledge of what it truly is- YOU ARE MURDERERS. You kill innocent children; The most defenseless and frail humans on earth, and you destroy them for profit. Exorbitant profit. You claim that an abortion on a five month pregnant woman removes "tissue," yet if that same woman were killed by a drunk driver, he'd face two counts of negligent homicide. He did not intend to kill anyone, but you PLAN these out, scheduling them, deciding upon the best form of murder. You doctors are cold, merciless, serial killers. FACE THE TRUTH. CONFESS YOUR SIN. If you do not, you are going to hell.

Pro-life Those of you who block entrances, grab onto women, kill doctors and bomb clinics, listen to me: YOU ARE JUST AS EVIL AS THOSE YOU HARM! Being dragged away from a door does not make you a hero, but a fool. Being arrested for obstructing a women from her legal rights does NOT make you a martyr, but a moron. You who would kill doctors, you are not children of God, but of Satan. You who would bomb clinics, you are monsters- More so than those you bomb! God does NOT look with favor upon any of you! You do not glorify Him with your words or your actions, and as such you are shaming Him. REPENT!

Beastials, pedo- and necrophiliacs Not going into great detail here. Your actions are an abomination before the Lord, and those currently living this way- You are damned. Repent of your sin, seek accountability for your crimes... IT IS NOT TOO LATE to begin anew. Heed this warning, for you are going to hell if you do not trust Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Non-Christians, anti-Christians Take a lesson from Rome. The more Christians you kill, brutalize, terrorize, harass or persecute, the more converts will be added to our number. You cannot stop God, nor can you be successful against His people. You may cut one down, but there will be ten in their place. Heed the warning.

Christians Let's Get Off Our Butts! The world is not saving itself, and people are going to hell by the millions. Stop bellyaching. Stop procrastinating. Stop complaining. Get out there and DO! The worst they can do is take our life- But we gave our life to God, so we've got NOTHING TO LOSE. If we continue to make excuses, we've got something to lose, and God's got something He isn't pleased with. We must examine ourselves carefully should we feel hesitant to witness- Nothing should stop us from sharing His Gift.

I'm sure there will be more to follow this later, but for right now, I think I've pissed off enough people. I know many, many people who fit into all these categories, and while I'm very accepting of them as people, they ARE going to hell, if Christ is not their Lord and Savior. Tiptoeing around the Truth will only get them more lost and you and I into trouble with the Almighty.

I do welcome your thoughts.