Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Praying Through It

Ever had something that just nags at you and won't leave you alone? A fear? A doubt? How about sadness or anger? Despair?

Very often, I've had this happen. I'll have something such as the emotions and mindsets listed above pester me and refuse to leave me alone. Nothing I can do will stop it. No matter how I read, who I talk to or what I listen to, it just refuses to leave me alone.

There will be some people who'll tell you, in this situation, to take time for yourself. Others will tell you that now you need to lean on friends more than ever. Still others will tell you that you're not in the right place with God. They'll all tell you to pray.

Any of these groups could be right. Sometimes you need time alone, sometimes you need others support, and finally yes, you could have moved out of God's will for your life.
However, something that they all hint at is the need for prayer. The problem is, that prayer for this sort of thing is not meant to be a short prayer said over your Bible, meal or pillow. It calls for far more.

These nagging thoughts and feelings call for us to PRAY THROUGH.

Daniel had many instances where things came up and plagued his mind and the only way he was able to receive relief was through seeking God.

Praying something through. Sometimes, it requires us to get alone with God; Sometimes, it's best to involve others; Still other times, we should begin with fervent repentance.
Nevertheless, the key to it all is the will to stay upon our knees until the burden lifts or we are answered.

This means that we need to put out of our way anything and everything that requires our attention other than God. This is not the time for casual interaction- We are coming before the King of the universe with a passionate petition.

How heavy is your burden? Our Savior's was so great His sweat was as blood. Daniel's was over what he'd read. Their response was the same- Intense prayer. Daniel fasted and sat in sackcloth and ashes. Christ bled from His pores. Both Prayed until something happened.

We have become lax in this area. How often do we pray through our problems? How often do we pray until something happens- whether that be an angel's ministry, or a feeling of peace; An audible answer, or a timely word from another servant of the Lord, we need to learn again how to pray things through.

I have recently been learning to do this. It's different. It's frightening. It'll put you in a place where you have no control over your own life.
And it'll be the greatest feeling in the world. When God has control over every aspect within your life, things begin to take place. Healing in your own life and others. You'll have visions and dreams but most importantly- You'll feel free to be about what God tells you to do, because HE provides your every need.

I encourage you all to take the first step in this life of complete and utter dependence on the Lord... Pray through your issues and problems, the ones that plague you- And see what happens.