Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Dare WE... (Part 3 of 3)

How dare we call ourselves Americans?

Or, perhaps the real question should be:

How dare we act as though we don't give a damn for three years, only to pretend as though we really care about politics every fourth year?

Listen. This series has not been against blacks, or whites, or republicans or democrats or purple people eaters. It has been a call to action to those who would otherwise not be interested in what goes on in the upper echelons of our government. To those who cry about what our government does, but who don't care enough to actually check out the candidates. Those who'd simply take each candidate at their word, then spend the next four years complaining only to start the cycle all over again.

These men and their running mates are not perfect, nor will any candidate ever be. They are not outsiders, like they would have you believe. They are not going to bring any kind of change or hope or glory to this nation on their own, and that much is certain.
Obama uses wonderful catchphrases, like "change" and "hope." McCain says "country first." Frankly, the only change we'll see is to the history book, no matter how this election turns out. Either we'll have the first black president, or the first woman vice-president. Let's not make this about the history book.

Look at McCain. A skilled leader. Not a skilled orator, but certainly one who speaks his mind. Who refuses to allow anyone else but himself define who he is. A prisoner of war, and a servant to the nation.
Now, look at him again. He speaks out of turn. He has defined himself as two-faced on many occasions. He was certainly a prisoner of war, but he also showed reckless disregard for his post prior to his imprisonment. He has said himself that he has been an imperfect servant.

Look at Obama. A skilled leader. A gifted orator. A soldier in his own kind of war- A war against inequality and discrimination. A man who has remained married to one woman, and who claims moral and ethical standing.
Look at him again. He never seems to speak unless from a script. Two-faced. A certain recklessness towards his constituants and a lack of scruples regarding his allies. A victim of discrimination, certainly, but one who uses his heritage to his political advantage as well.

Through the course of this series, I have recieved countless attacks ranging from race-baiting to a lack of patriotism to racism to full blown communism. It is amazing how quickly people respond personally when one points out their inconsistancy. It is also amazing how folks who react violently to radicalism, in example, often respond in kind. Some folks get extreme when you point out a problem they may have.

Some folks have actually employed conversation in their responses to me. They want to know my views. They want to know my background. Strangely enough, these questions fall into what I was going to be talking about now.
I grew up in an area with a high caucasian population. There were very few blacks in my town, but I was raised to believe that all folks are equal, no matter how they look. It was originally taught because of a disabled vet I insulted at four years old. However, as I grew older, I began to understand that skin color is not a disability, but beauty. Just as we all have hair, our skin color is nothing more than pure external beauty.
I realized that disliking someone based upon skin color is equal to disliking someone because their large intestine has an extra coil. Or because their hearts are slightly larger. Or because their tongue is a bit longer.
Conversely, LIKING someone for any of these reasons makes about as much sense.

I took a liking to politics when I was twelve, and I've kept up with it. I've got countless newspaper articles on various events throughout our country that I've kept and stored and refer back to. I do not refer to these to concentrate on the negative, but to always keep a balanced objective. Politicians would like us to develop amnesia every four years, and far too often they get their way.
Not with me. I cannot be lied to regarding their voting records because I know it. I cannot be lied to regarding their public life, because I've kept up with it. The only thing I may be lied to about is someone's personal life- And there are usually ways to learn the truth about even that if one digs deep enough.

THAT is what this has been about. THAT is why I encourage the American people to DIG. So they cannot be lied to and taken in. My heritage is a mix of Indian and French, and I do have American-Africans in my direct ancestory. I see the things this government has done to my Native people in history. I see the same things regarding other peoples- Not just my own heritage but others as well.
Every major betrayal in the history of this nation has come about because someone or many someones refused to do any research about the person they were dealing with. Why, I wonder, do the people of our present day refuse to research? Answer- They have forgotten their history, and as the saying goes: Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

To get past racism in this country, there must be an agreement at ignorance; That is, while not forgetting the history of what has occurred, we must make a conscious effort to not associate it with the hurt of that history. This is just as much a necessity for whites as for blacks.
The problem is, as has been stated, there will always be those extreme groups who refuse to get along. We as a nation, apart from these groups, must unite against them- We must NOT allow these small groups to set the tone for the whole of our nation.

When it comes to the upcoming elections, we need to realize that there is more at stake than the presidency. There are local elections, for instance, which affect change at a local level. To be so caught up in the history or charisma of either candidate that one ignores everything else is to perpetuate the wrong kind of ignorance- The kind that got us to this point in the first place.

In my honest opinion, neither of these men DESERVE the presidency. BOTH have shown themselves to have more of their own whims at heart. So who do I personally support? To be honest, no one.

I'll be voting for McCain for president, but not because I support him- I simply disagree with him on issues that concern me less than Obama.
For example, I want someone to go after the medical providers that gouge their prices so the price of health care rises. I do not WANT a government solution that caps the doctors, because there will never be a decent procedure done in this country again.

However, when it comes to local elections, I'll be voting for John Lynch for governor. I agree more with him on issues than his Republican counterpart.

The point is, I vote issues, and I harbor a firm hope that one day most of us will.

I am an American, and I am proud to be so. My pride is only overshadowed by those who are more than happy to be Apathetican.

What are you?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Dare Those... (Part 2 of 3)

How dare those white people!!

How dare they think that just because it's the "White House," only white folks belong there!

Better yet, how dare they NOT get behind the black candidate?

Whites are not, as a whole, Neo-Nazi supremacists with affinities for the letter "K" in triplicate. There are some, just as there are the "Black Power" folks who feel the need to kill or beat any white they come across.

This is the truth of the matter. There will always be the crazy, fringe dwelling groups who deal out death, destruction and mayhem. It is merely going to be. There is no getting around it.

What I want to know is how are these candidates going to do about the supporters who belong to these extreme type groups? Let me see...

Obama has a particular group supporting him that declares him to be virtually a savior- Apparently, according to this small group of people, he will rectify all the injustice done to the black race throughout the history of this nation. Amazing.
He also has a more violent group supporting him. These folks, whom I have had the sad fortune of meeting, are looking forward to him becoming president. They apparently believe that they'll be able to take over properties, confiscate vehicles and livestock... All in the name of "fairness." As previously mentioned, they get violent when it is pointed out that this is not likely to happen at all.

McCain has a particular group following him that declares him to be the return of the war hero era. That's all well and good, except the last war hero we elected turned out to be a bad idea. When this fact is brought to light, these folks immediately deem you a terrorist or "commie scum," and refuse to speak to you.
He also has a following among the various white supremest groups. These folks are sickening, to an extreme sense. They support McCain because he's white- And that is it. They wear shirts such as the one I was treated to seeing a couple days ago. It read, "N**** please- It's a WHITE house." They scream foul, disgraceful and hurtful things at anyone of color, but especially Obama and his supporters.

Gentlemen- Start your engines.

I'd like to see each of these men actually get on with reprimanding these people. Instead, they BOTH spend most of their time lying through their teeth and attacking one another. Want to unite the country, boys? Tell the extremists to STFU.

Listen, blacks need not vote for blacks for the same reasons whites need not vote for whites. It's about the issues of the day, politically, and not something that's based solely upon external appearance. Is race an issue? It most certainly is, and it has been shown to be just as serious, indeed as deadly, now as it was a hundred years ago.

However, please listen to me.

Electing a white man to office is not going to make black people disappear, nor will it make your hatred of them socially acceptable. Likewise, electing a black man to office is not going to make white people disappear, nor will it allow the hatred toward THEM any more a good thing than it is now.
The issue of race and racial relations is only going to be solved through a certain amount of ignorance combined with an agreement and an understanding. It will NOT be solved through one election, but through many elections; Not through simply a president, but through senate, congress, and local level politics.

To believe that the election of a black president or a female vice president is going to change suddenly how the world views us or how we view ourselves is a pleasant lie, but a lie all the same. The only thing this election will change, regardless of the outcome, is the history book.

McCain seems to be a great guy who has a certain standard and moral judgment. That's good. However, if you believe that he cannot lie, I'd remind you that he is still human, and every human lies. He is just as corrupted as every individual in Washington.
His track record certainly DOES speak for itself. He voted for the war in Afghanistan, for the war in Iraq, and does not support an immediate pulling of the troops. He has his hands in two cookie jars often enough to raise eyebrows as to whose side he's truly on. He HAS supported our current president. He argued against a Social Security overhaul, proposing instead a form of investment.

You've seen all the ads for his wonderful deeds. He has a history unlike any other candidate in the primaries or the current match-up. He IS a war hero, certainly. However... Look up his voting record. See who's interests he REALLY has at heart. Discover for yourself what kind of a president he'd be, instead of relying on CNN or Fox to tell you.

News is no longer unbiased. You, on the other hand, have the ability to make up your own mind. I'd suggest you begin to do so. Take ownership of your own brain, form your own thoughts, and then... Take ownership of your vote. Plant the seed, reap the harvest, and do not, DO NOT, cry if you have failed to take your duty seriously.

We need more adults, and fewer whiners. Think about it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How Dare Those... (Part 1 of 3)

How dare those black people!

How dare they think that just because their ancestors spilled sweat and blood into the dirt, they are worthy of such a thing as the White House!


Better yet, how dare they wait so long to stand behind one man?

It's not their history that makes them, as a race, worthy of the White House. It's the fact that they are citizens of this country. Say what you will, think what you will. Blacks deserve the presidency just as much as whites, natives, etc... IF, that is, they are citizens.

Illegals aside for the moment, we who reside in this country have an obligation to step up for the job... Or to vote for it. There really is NO other choice- If you are sitting at home on November 4th, you'd be better off dead. You'd free up some land for others, free up some money for the economy, and you're already making about as much of an impact on our government now as you will then.

Back to black...

I encourage everyone to get their heads out of their hindquarters and vote based upon issues, not skin color. Folks, if you are American-Africans, and you are voting for McCain, that does not make you disloyal to anyone.
If you are Caucasian, and voting for Obama, you are not being disloyal to anyone.

The only way you are being disloyal to someone is if you vote for a guy you'd down a beer with, or if they've got the same skin tone, or if you think they re good looking, etc.

Then, the only person you are being disloyal to is yourself.

A black man in office sounds like a great idea to me. Of course, a woman VP sounds good as well.

The gist I've been getting is that blacks will vote for blacks because they are of the same people. Whites may vote for blacks because they do not want to appear racist. I understand these issues. However, voting emotion over pure, logical decision has always been, and will always be, a bad idea.

Back during the primaries, Hillary called for women to vote for her BECAUSE she was a woman. That is NOT a reason to vote for anyone.

Barak seems to be a great guy who has a firm set of principles. This I am happy to see. However, if you think for a moment that he isn't as dishonest as every other politician in Washington, think again.
His track record speaks, and speaks loudly. Taxes when "the people" weren't looking, minor tax cuts when they were. Socialization of medicine as opposed to nailing the pharm companies and equipment suppliers for price gouging. Pointing fingers when there seems to be a contribution out of place, but remaining quiet on his own shadowy dealings.

You've seen the ads. You know all the good things he's done, or claims to have done. I'd encourage you to go and research the missteps. The problems. The issues. Look in the shadows, and then weigh the pros and cons.

Once done, make your decision, and make it good. You will have four years of regret if you waste it.

Think about it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Thought Generator

Ever had one of those nights when all you can do is think? I mean that literally- No sleep, no movement, no hunger... Nothing but thoughts running wild in your mind.

That recently happened to me.

According to medical science, our brains get confused at times of extreme sleep deprivation or sleep overload- It begins firing off on all cylinders, pumping out thought after thought a mile a minute. Fortunately, they say, most people do not consciously process all of these "brain sparks," and thus are able to function at near normal capacity. Most, they say, are even able to get to sleep while their brains do this weird bio-electrical spasm.

Lucky them.

I am one of the chosen few who gets to sit up at night and consciously process, and as such, find that I see my life flash before my eyes quite regularly. Even without the life threatening circumstances... Imagine that!

So, anyhow- A few nights ago, I'm laying in bed with my brain doing it's thing, trying to calm it down and get some sleep. I had to be at work for 7am, and it was approaching very quickly.

But the thought in my head just wouldn't leave me alone...

Who am I following? Where am I going?

If you find the above questions to be familiar, it's a paraphrase from the book "Prophet" by Frank Peretti. It is something I've thought a lot about recently. Who am I following? Well, naturally, I will say I'm following God. However, when I say that, immediately my spirit utters a weak, "Uh..." and I am left to ponder whether I am following Him with my full heart, mind and soul.

As I ponder this, the next wave comes. Riding the crest of that thought tsunami like crazed surfers are the verses, "Take every thought captive" and "take up your cross daily."

Sorting through all the history now flashing before me, I can see all the times when I've done what God has asked, but done it grudgingly... Or worse yet, half-heartedly. Parts of me still holding back, as it were. Am I stuck in some Christian form of D.I.D.?!

Suddenly, BAM! "There is now, therefore, no condemnation."
All these thoughts melt away from 3D nightmares into images from a children's book, and I find I am now looking at them as if they were a manual for life. What to do. What NOT to do. I may have a redeemed form of Dissociative Identity Disorder, but at least I know from whence my help comes, and in Whom I trust!

"The things I should do, I do not; And the things I should not do, I do..." The verse slams into me along with the memories of countless times of slipping, repenting, slipping, repenting, and slipping again.
The agony that accompanies such falls from Grace is unbearable, yet there just the same... I lay in tears and hope for some comfort, but it does not come. In fact, very quickly, comes the next wave of thoughts, memories and verses.

"All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right."
Again, I see the things I've done wrong flash before me, and again, the pain is unbearable... Blowing God off to look at porn; Speaking His Words without living the example; Causing condemnation as opposed to allowing for the conviction of the Holy Spirit...
The pain is intense, but I find that through it all, my Father is there, holding me in His arms.

"I chasten those I love, and I love those I chasten..."
The words spoken to me at my lowest time come back once again, ringing through just as clearly now as then. And now, as then, it brings tremendous comfort to me. Not because I know that He won't let bad things happen- He will, should my actions bring them about. Not because I think that He'll allow me to get off like Teflon- He won't.
No, it brings me comfort because I know that these things take place BECAUSE of His great love for us. We'd never know the stove was hot if we didn't get burned. We'd never know the knife was sharp if we didn't get cut.
Likewise, we'll never learn the value of obedience without disobedience.

Some may wish to argue this point with me, but hear me out.

It is not a sin to be tempted, nor is it a sin to err. Christ Himself suffered through temptation. Christ Himself erred...
Let me stop here, before the shouts of heresy start, and point to His stay in the Temple at 12. He did not realize it would cause worry, nor did He realize it was perhaps wrong. He was merely a young man itching to be a man. The Bible itself states that "...In this, He learned obedience."

An error does not make a sinner, it makes a man. It is in this moment that we see Christ as being truly God and truly Man at once- Thoroughly understanding His purpose, yet learning from His mistakes.

And so it was that I realized that God does not, nor has He EVER held any of my mistakes against me. My sins maybe... My transgressions, perhaps... My iniquity, sadly... But not my mistakes.
My sins will be held as long as it takes for me to learn. My transgressions held to allow for just punishment. My iniquity seen in the faces of my children and my children's children, (God forbid!!)
However, my mistakes are meant as learning tools. Perhaps not wished for, but certainly used to train me in the way I should go, so as I get older, I will not depart.

It was with this happy thought, the realization that God loves me even in punishment, that I drifted off to sleep finally, at 5am...

Perhaps, just maybe... Your insomnia is trying to teach YOU something.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finding The Balance: or, Pick The Jesus In The Middle, Stupid

I had told myself that my next post would be the follow up to "My Hate Speech." Well, that has changed, and rather unexpectedly.

In all actuality, I have been much busier than I thought I would be, and the sequel to the blog mentioned above has taken on a life of it's own- Perhaps becoming a book! For this reason, it is being postponed indefinitely.

Instead, I'd like to spend some time sharing my thoughts which sprung to mind after reading the following comment from a dear, dear friend of mine. He stated:

I just don't like the intellectualism that so many live in that seems to crowd out the working of the Spirit... ...I think there's a better way then a Sunday morning sermon and not much else."

Indeed, I too have seen this brain over God approach. Sadly, many who follow this way are being led astray. They study and study the Bible, but without the Spirit of God providing understanding, it becomes just another book, albeit a rather ornate, expensive one.

My initial thought, then, is that we must rush to the Spirit. I'm sure this is where some folks now stand, honestly. If you were hurt in the church of the Dry Word, than you must immerse yourself in the Holy Spirit River.

The issue with these approaches, however, is vast, it is large, and most importantly, it is exceedingly dangerous.

You see, each of these approaches takes a bit from the Word of God, and runs the full field, not realizing that they are scoring for the rival team. Intellectual study has a very firm place in the church, or we would not be encouraged time and again to do so. The oft quoted verse is "study to show thyself approved."
However, we are also told not to study too much, because, as it says in Proverbs, "Too much study wearies the body."

We are told several times to listen to the council and follow the instruction of the Holy Spirit. However, we are also cautioned against false prophets, and perhaps the most direct, brutal and shocking caution regarding taking things out of context is found in Galatians 1:6-9, which reads so strongly I simply MUST quote it directly:

Galatians 1:6-9 (New King James Version)

6 I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, 7 which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. 9 As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

As you can clearly see, changing the Gospel to say what it does not say is to be taken very seriously. From the very beginning, the words of God were considered sacred. Nowhere is it better shown than when Israel put the pieces of the tablets into the Ark of the Covenant. It was then carried by priests, defended by the nation, and by God Himself. He takes His word seriously, as should we.

What has this got to do with anything? Plenty.

You see, when people go to the other end of the spectrum and believe that the Spirit is the be all end all, certain issues arise. For one thing, the Holy Spirit is not the extension of God which is to be worshiped. When the Bible speaks of the Spirit, it speaks of a Helper and a Guide. All praise given the Spirit of God is deflected to God the Father.
The wonder working power which many are so earnest for is not meant for a special parlor trick or to tickle a fancy- It is meant for two things: Those who need it's touch, and drawing those folks to Christ, and through Him, to salvation. It is a physical manifestation of God's power.
Craving this power, to the exclusion of God, is not only wrong in that we seek the gift and not the giver, but also in that it GRIEVES the Holy Spirit. More to the point, dear friends, it is dangerous.

Take the example of Simon the Sorcerer. Here was a man who saw the wonders of the Spirit moving mightily through the followers of Christ. He saw it, saw what it did, and he wanted it. So, he went to Peter and said, "Give me also this power," and offered him money for it. He was refused, rebuked, and told that the reason the Spirit would not rest upon him was because of his heart condition.
Many of those who go actively seeking the Power without thought to the Giver do not have the right heart condition. This is the reason that, when the Spirit ministers to those it came to minister to, its physical manifestations leave and go where it is needed, even when those who are seeking the power are still claiming it.

The fact of the matter is that this life requires BALANCE.

Balance is not something that we as humans can do alone- We can balance a bike, we can balance to walk, we can balance our checkbooks... Most of the time. However, we cannot balance ourselves. As it states in the Word, "
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?" (Jer. 17:9) This fact is echoed throughout the Bible, such as in Mark 7:20-23, "...What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. All these evil things come from within and defile a man.”

However, YHWH is a God of order, of balance. It is through Him and His power that we are able to achieve balance. To seek one aspect of Him alone is to once again go out of balance, falling out of His will, out of His grace, and as such, out of His protection.

Seeking the Spirit of God is a wonderful journey- But it is not one to be taken without the Word of God to guide you. Furthermore, the study of the Word in one's own private time is glorious- But only when the Spirit is with you.

A gifted author by the name of Ted Dekker once stated in his book, THR3E that there are three persons in each of us- The good, the Evil and the soul caught in the struggle.

So it is with our search for God. We can seek His words, and die for lack of His Spirit. We can seek the Holy Spirit, and die for lack of guidance. Or, we can seek after and follow the example of Jesus the Christ, Jeshua, and achieve that balance which He embodied.

Scripture and Spirit; Works and Faith; Law and Grace- It is all modeled for us in the life of Christ Jesus.

I'd like to leave you with a quote from another good friend of mine, one who has walked some very dark paths in his life, and so is keenly aware of the Light:

There are three Jesus' out there.
The first Jesus is the one people invoke when in a theological debate.
{the Word alone}

The second Jesus is the one people invoke when their car won't start.
{the Spirit alone}

The third Jesus is the one who calls us out of darkness.
{the balance}

Which Jesus do you serve?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Hate Speech

This is my official proclamation on where I stand on other religions, beliefs and issues. Though I do not make fun of anyone, or slander anyone, you'll notice that my opinions are very pronounced. Since I do not believe that any human on this planet will EVER see heaven without first knowing God, through Jesus Christ as their Savior, well... You can call this my hate speech.

Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc.- All merely hold different views on our common beliefs. One Savior, born of a virgin, died as a sin sacrifice for all mankind, and rose again after three days in a tomb. He appeared to many people, eating with them even, and was taken up to Heaven in plain view of over a dozen witnesses. We believe He will return again in power and glory to take His people away prior to the destruction of the Earth. We believe that Jesus the Christ was the Son of God, and that the ONLY way to Heaven is through Christ.

Mormonism, Jehovah's Witness, Catholicism, etc.- All claim a form of Christ, but do not believe according to the Word of God.
Catholicism is really the only one that can swing both ways, as I know many proclaiming Catholics that truly do know Christ. However, I also know Catholics that do not know Christ as their Savior at all. They know Him as the figure on the cross and the traditions and religion make them feel they are doing something, makes them feel that they are earning their way to Heaven- It doesn't happen that way.

Catholics, Mary WAS NOT, IS NOT, and NEVER WILL BE holy, nor is she to be revered, nor is she to be deified. Her obedience should be admired, she was blessed certainly, and absolutely, she is a role model. But she is not the mother of God. She was the mother chosen by God. Saints are not meant to be worshiped, adored or prayed to. Icons are not meant to be revered, or worshiped.
These things are meant to be used, if you must, as aids of worship; Very much like a guitar, a hymnal or an organ. NOT to be revered. Frankly, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ, ALONE, as their Lord and Savior.

Jehovah Witnesses are absolutely wrong in their beliefs. Great people, but dead wrong. There are so many issues I have with their beliefs, I really should not even begin right now. The idea that we are part of 44,000 JEWS is completely contradicted by the Bible. However, if we believe the literature of the Watch Tower, there are parts of the Bible that right, part of it that are wrong, and we are supposed to trust someone else to tell us which is which. Sadly, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Mormonism is very much like Islam without the jihad. It was started by a drug addicted alcoholic who was having an ongoing affair on his wife. Only thing that didn't happen was the murderous rampage into the town that threw him out. However, to reduce Jesus to nothing more than a mortal who attained godhood is a slap in the face. To believe that MEN will eventually attain godhood also, provided that the right things are done, is foolish. To tell women that they are just as equal as men, when the actual belief states that women will spend the after life serving man-gods also makes all who recruit for this false religion liars.
The truth is, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Islam is also a false belief. Something that political correctness refuses to do is tell the truth. Thus, I am being totally and completely politically incorrect when I say that they are misguided, misdirected and misinformed. It too was formed by a drug addicted alcoholic who had an affair with the wife of the towns ruler. Only difference here is that several years after being thrown out, this man came back and killed every member of the town except the wife- she he married.
There is no Allah, unless you are going with the literal translation which is "One God." Then, you would have to use it as a term in reference to Jesus Christ. However, they DO NOT consider Christ holy, merely a great prophet. They believe that Allah allowed His death upon the cross for attempting to claim godhood, and they do not believe He rose from the dead.
However, there is only ONE way to Heaven, it is Jesus Christ. You will not have 72 virgins, but you will have eternal life. There will never be a Heavenly reward for blowing oneself up. God hates murder, and wholesale murder is just not going to get around that.
I know a few Muslims, they are wonderful people, occasionally we talk, sometimes debate, religion, but they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Satanist, Wiccan, Witch, Pagan, etc. Hell is NOT a party. You will not drink the blood of Christians from their skulls. "Mother Nature" DID NOT create God, nor is it god. There IS NO GODDESS. Satan will not rise up and strike God down, nor will goddess Gaia strike down those who do not believe. You have no power but that which is given you. You are given it for as long as you are of use to Satan, and he WILL destroy you when you are of no further use. The ONLY way to stop this from happening is to renounce your sinful life and accept Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Renounce the dark lord, and make Him Lord of your life.
I have a few friends who fall into this category. Good people, but if you do not do this, you are going to hell.

Atheist, Maltheist, Hedonist, Agnostic, etc. There is a God and there is a Devil. There is a Heaven, and there is a Hell. You are not the end of all things, and you DO NOT control your own future. Granted, your decisions are your own, but they have already been seen by God, and have been planned on accordingly so His perfect will comes to pass. God IS NOT evil. He will allow hardship and tragedy but He IS NOT the source of the pain. He is a God of ORDER, not a God of CHAOS. Carnal pleasure IS NOT a means of worship, nor are any of your fleshly desires.
I know several folks who fit in this category and while I enjoy these people, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual. You WERE NOT born this way. There are genes in each person that dictate whether a man will be more effeminate, and whether a woman will be more masculine, however- NO ONE IS BORN HOMOSEXUAL. This lifestyle is wrong, you are living in sin, and while God will take you where you are at, He WILL NEVER tell you it is all right to continue living this lifestyle. Anyone who HAS told you this has done you a disservice.
----->----->A Side-note to homosexual clergy: YOU ARE WRONG!!!! You are living in sin, you are leading your flocks into sin and you are damning yourselves and others. Listen carefully, you snakes and vipers- should you continue, and die in this transgression, THERE WILL BE NO MERCY FOR YOU on the day of judgment.
I have several gay friends and a couple of lesbian friends, as well as a few bi friends and family, and I love them all dearly. I have seen a couple turn from their wickedness, but sadly, the others are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc. No, not one person will ever go to hell because of their party affiliation. However, you politicians. Your actions are watched and weighed and recorded. There will be a final day of reckoning for ALL mankind, and no diplomatic immunity, no political privilege, no special interest will bail you out. Even if you ARE a believer, you WILL have to answer for your decisions, because they SHAPED A COUNTRY.
YES, it matters if a politician has an affair. Yes, it matters if they are flamboyantly homosexual. (Barney Frank- Hell is paging.) Yes, it matters if he has had sex while on the job! (Bill Clinton? Seating for one in the lake of fire.)
---->---->Side-note to the President off the United States: Quite playing with fire, Mr. President. Israel is to be an ally at any cost. Look at the time line, sir, and tell me it isn't frightening that with each major departure from good standing with them, there is a corresponding natural disaster. You claim to be a Christian, and yet your actions of late have shown there to be little fruit. You claim a form of Christianity, Mr. President, and with all due respect, you will be one of the goats lest you change your ways. America will not go down because of you, sir, but America will watch your fall. It has already begun... Are you too blind to see it?
My examples, I'm sure, are nice people, with hopes and dreams for the future, and I'm sure we could find common ground. However, they are going to hell if they do not trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Pro-choice, Pro-abortion... Any who willingly and knowingly support abortion with the knowledge of what it truly is- YOU ARE MURDERERS. You kill innocent children; The most defenseless and frail humans on earth, and you destroy them for profit. Exorbitant profit. You claim that an abortion on a five month pregnant woman removes "tissue," yet if that same woman were killed by a drunk driver, he'd face two counts of negligent homicide. He did not intend to kill anyone, but you PLAN these out, scheduling them, deciding upon the best form of murder. You doctors are cold, merciless, serial killers. FACE THE TRUTH. CONFESS YOUR SIN. If you do not, you are going to hell.

Pro-life Those of you who block entrances, grab onto women, kill doctors and bomb clinics, listen to me: YOU ARE JUST AS EVIL AS THOSE YOU HARM! Being dragged away from a door does not make you a hero, but a fool. Being arrested for obstructing a women from her legal rights does NOT make you a martyr, but a moron. You who would kill doctors, you are not children of God, but of Satan. You who would bomb clinics, you are monsters- More so than those you bomb! God does NOT look with favor upon any of you! You do not glorify Him with your words or your actions, and as such you are shaming Him. REPENT!

Beastials, pedo- and necrophiliacs Not going into great detail here. Your actions are an abomination before the Lord, and those currently living this way- You are damned. Repent of your sin, seek accountability for your crimes... IT IS NOT TOO LATE to begin anew. Heed this warning, for you are going to hell if you do not trust Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Non-Christians, anti-Christians Take a lesson from Rome. The more Christians you kill, brutalize, terrorize, harass or persecute, the more converts will be added to our number. You cannot stop God, nor can you be successful against His people. You may cut one down, but there will be ten in their place. Heed the warning.

Christians Let's Get Off Our Butts! The world is not saving itself, and people are going to hell by the millions. Stop bellyaching. Stop procrastinating. Stop complaining. Get out there and DO! The worst they can do is take our life- But we gave our life to God, so we've got NOTHING TO LOSE. If we continue to make excuses, we've got something to lose, and God's got something He isn't pleased with. We must examine ourselves carefully should we feel hesitant to witness- Nothing should stop us from sharing His Gift.

I'm sure there will be more to follow this later, but for right now, I think I've pissed off enough people. I know many, many people who fit into all these categories, and while I'm very accepting of them as people, they ARE going to hell, if Christ is not their Lord and Savior. Tiptoeing around the Truth will only get them more lost and you and I into trouble with the Almighty.

I do welcome your thoughts.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Praying Through It

Ever had something that just nags at you and won't leave you alone? A fear? A doubt? How about sadness or anger? Despair?

Very often, I've had this happen. I'll have something such as the emotions and mindsets listed above pester me and refuse to leave me alone. Nothing I can do will stop it. No matter how I read, who I talk to or what I listen to, it just refuses to leave me alone.

There will be some people who'll tell you, in this situation, to take time for yourself. Others will tell you that now you need to lean on friends more than ever. Still others will tell you that you're not in the right place with God. They'll all tell you to pray.

Any of these groups could be right. Sometimes you need time alone, sometimes you need others support, and finally yes, you could have moved out of God's will for your life.
However, something that they all hint at is the need for prayer. The problem is, that prayer for this sort of thing is not meant to be a short prayer said over your Bible, meal or pillow. It calls for far more.

These nagging thoughts and feelings call for us to PRAY THROUGH.

Daniel had many instances where things came up and plagued his mind and the only way he was able to receive relief was through seeking God.

Praying something through. Sometimes, it requires us to get alone with God; Sometimes, it's best to involve others; Still other times, we should begin with fervent repentance.
Nevertheless, the key to it all is the will to stay upon our knees until the burden lifts or we are answered.

This means that we need to put out of our way anything and everything that requires our attention other than God. This is not the time for casual interaction- We are coming before the King of the universe with a passionate petition.

How heavy is your burden? Our Savior's was so great His sweat was as blood. Daniel's was over what he'd read. Their response was the same- Intense prayer. Daniel fasted and sat in sackcloth and ashes. Christ bled from His pores. Both Prayed until something happened.

We have become lax in this area. How often do we pray through our problems? How often do we pray until something happens- whether that be an angel's ministry, or a feeling of peace; An audible answer, or a timely word from another servant of the Lord, we need to learn again how to pray things through.

I have recently been learning to do this. It's different. It's frightening. It'll put you in a place where you have no control over your own life.
And it'll be the greatest feeling in the world. When God has control over every aspect within your life, things begin to take place. Healing in your own life and others. You'll have visions and dreams but most importantly- You'll feel free to be about what God tells you to do, because HE provides your every need.

I encourage you all to take the first step in this life of complete and utter dependence on the Lord... Pray through your issues and problems, the ones that plague you- And see what happens.