Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rambling on about nearly nothing...

All right.. My first blog.

Ever notice how everyone seems to jabber about absolutely nothing in there very first post? I'll try not to do that. I I have opinions, dawgonit!!

1st opinion: Bush is actually doing a pretty good job as president, and the only reasons people don't like him are: They think the world would be a peaceful place if the US wasn't at war; They can't admit that he's doing a good job because then they'd have made a mistake when they backed Kerry; They swallow every damn thing the media throws their way without asking questions; Or, they're just the kind of people that were actually stupid enough to believe that Michael Moore actually makes documentaries as opposed to propaganda.

Yes, I suppose there are people who just plain don't like him. Fine. But don't come out quoting some tired rhetoric or buzzword you've heard on CSPAN or ABC. Make up your own mind, for crying out loud! Have an opinion, and base it on something you believe, not because of what someone said, but because you yourself have looked into it. You have studied the facts. You have seen the cases, and you have drawn your conclusions.

And that concludes rant #1. I promise to give you more food for thought, or just hate mail, later on. for now, adios!

(Originally posted on Myspace Wednesday, March 15, 2006)