Friday, June 29, 2007

If God never changes, why does it seem like He does?

I've been thinking about this thought for a long time. I've been consumed by it, really. It's been on my mind during all waking hours, and I've dreamed of finding the answers to my musings in my sleep. What is this thought, you may ask. What kind of thought could keep a man from his much needed sleep? There are many, but this one has been on my mind the most:

If God is constant and never changing, why does it seem like He does?

I believe the reason we see God move in so many different ways has nothing to do with HIM CHANGING. It has everything to do with our understanding and comprehension.

God told Moses to hide in the cleft of the rock until He passed by. Moses only saw His back, and still came away overloaded with His visible Glory. The people of Israel had a hard time looking at Moses, and eventually, he had to wear a veil… The Israelites were afraid to look at him!

Then there are the verses about God's measureless Love, and other such scriptures.

I believe there's a reason that God changes His methods of movement, such as from the "Fire-and-Brimstone" tent meetings of the thirties to the Isuzu Street Outpouring to the Jesus People Movement of the seventies to the Billy Graham era, etc… I believe all of these moments in time can accurately mirror Who He is- But we wouldn't be able to go on living if we got a full revelation of His person or ways.

I fully believe that we can be in tune with the Holy Ghost and conduct Praise and Worship with only vocals, or with a full on symphony; with Hymns or with modern worship songs; With just Bible teaching and prayer and ten minutes of singing, to a three and four hour service.
I believe that while we squabble over doctrinal grievances, the Lord Himself grieves over us, because we fight over what we should be celebrating. From what I've seen, each "denomination" has a different way of worship, teaching and fellowship, but God has had a tangible presence in each church I've been to. We should celebrate, because we've all gotten to see a different facet of God, and the combined image should just boggle our minds.
Some have seen Him as a Judge, some have seen Him as a Father; some have seen Him as an Intercessor, some as a Physician.
These are all parts of Who God is, not the whole. The reason, I believe, is one of Love. When faced with His Glory, Power and Majesty, man would die. And so, we see through a glass darkly, we see Him through shades and hues and facets of His power. It is not that God is changing… It's that we are shown a different part of Him, each time.

The best way I could sum all this up in one sentence would be; God never changes- But He does change position on the throne!

I have noticed, as I read through Matthew, that the ministry of Jesus was constantly being interrupted by well meaning, but totally off base, individuals. They often asked Him questions that had to do with the law, with the God of Moses' time and so on.
I find it interesting to note that they could not see Jesus was actually giving them a different view of God- Not a "new" God!
However, from their responses, all the way to His very death, this is the impression they gave!

What does this have to do with people today, or better yet, with the Church today?

There are going to be those that will not accept this "Unity Of The Body" message I have been given. (did I just say that?) You may hear this and agree, and if so, you may pass these thoughts on to others. However, they may not like what we have to say, or agree with what we have to say.
Many in our spiritual family have gotten too tangled up in tradition to see Truth. Many are so busy singing "Old Time Religion," that they have missed the New Covenant.
These are those who will attempt to stop the spread of this message. These are the ones that will find men such as Ted Dekker to be "traitors" to the cause. These are the ones who will tear at us, back-bite, and attempt to undermine what is about to take place.

But know this. I have it within my heart, as I'm sure you do as well, that there will be an awakening in my life. That I will live from this day forward as One Body with fellow believers, regardless of our petty differences. That I will show His Love to everyone, to the extent of my own human limits.
These few tradition loving brethren may see me as a threat, but I will love them, accept them, include them, and in all other possible ways, show them the RELATIONSHIP OF CHRIST...

To have a relationship with our Creator is what the New Covenant is all about. Time to break the chains of religiosity, the chains the devil has worked so hard to snare us in, and show the world what True Christian Freedom is all about!