Friday, June 29, 2007


All right everybody... Let's talk about DRIVING. It's that thing you do when you get behind the wheel of a car.

Lot's of people say they can drive, but not too many seem to actually be able to. There are always things they do, or don't do, that just seem to get under the skin... Know what I mean??

Take, for instance, my ride to work today. The person in front of me did not seem to realize that the speed limit thru that section of roadway was 40mph. We were doing 30. They also did not seem to realize that they needed to put their blinker on before turning. This nearly resulted in a fifteen car pile-up on Daniel Webster Highway.

Not a good thing.

Then there are the people who seem to be attached to the bumper of the car in front of them. Also known as tailgaters, these bozo's believe that by riding that way, the vehicle in front of them will have to speed up, or turn off.

Just so we're clear: I don't tolerate that. If someone is on my bumper, I slow, then tap the brakes, then hit the brakes. Dude hits my car, then dude just bought my new one. Three strikes and you're out, homie!

When not having to deal with idiot driving, I always seem to hit all the red lights, construction or detours... Can I get a witness?

Nevertheless, there is something that I try to keep in mind at all times: If I'd've left early, the wait wouldn't be a thing.


Leave early, drive the limit, signal your turns, and never, never tailgate..... It might be me in front of you!