Friday, June 29, 2007


All, right... Let's get something straight right now. I am a fourth generation RED SOX FAN!! My mother is a Red Sox Fan, My grandmother before her, and so on.

My father, on the other hand, he and his whole family are New York Yankees fans. Long line of Yankees fans in that family as well.

Now... We're going to discuss giving credit where it's due.

Every Red Sox Fan I know can accept, and even cheer for, a good play. EVEN if it's the opposing team. EVEN if it's the Yankees.

Skip to every other teams fans. I have heard nothing but how all the other players in the game suck, and their team is perfection. I'm sick of it. GET REAL!

Your team is just as good, and just as bad, as every other team out there. Yes, even the mighty Yankees. Every single one of them has bad spells, and every one of them has good spells. Some last longer then others... 86 years for the Red Sox.

But even in the 86 years that the Sox weren't in the world series, they made some incredible plays. Some record book plays; and some record book follies!

The truth is: So has everyone of the other teams throughout the game.

So, get down off your high horse, applaude the good play, moan that your team should have gotten that player in the off season, or whatever you have to do... But suck it up, and quit being the guy up front I'm about to dump soda on!!!