Friday, December 28, 2007

Flirting DOES NOT Help A Relationship

In regards to the article written by Dave Zinczenko and published on Yahoo courtesy of Men's Health. This article can be found here:

Why Flirting Can Help Your Relationship

---NOTE: (5/19/2011) As of last year, the original link no longer worked. As a result, I have found a cached version to link to, thus allowing the relevancy of this article to continue. Thank you.---

Flirting DOES NOT Help A Relationship

The idea of flirting outside of marriage is so akin to adultery, I find it offensive. There is a certain level of flirting that is natural, is normal, and is almost a subconscious thing. The cashier at the convenience store paying a compliment, or vise versa, for example.

However, to knowingly flirt while in an emotional drought in one's relationship puts one in dangerous territory, to say the least. Women especially are vulnerable to this form of emotional "foreplay," as the article called it.

The reason is that women are largely emotional beings. While very rational, and intelligent, God created women to be more in touch with their emotions for their children. (For their husband, to a degree, but that's a different topic.)

Because of a woman's naturally emotional standpoint, when her husband is not meeting those emotional needs at home, the last thing that she needs is to have that need met outside of her husband. It can cause/will cause her to question the validity of her marriage, the competence of her husband, even the genuineness of her feelings for him.
Obviously, you can see where this situation CAN lead to adultery.

For a man, the danger is slightly different. Not quite as threatening on an emotional scale, but just as dangerous, nonetheless.
A man has the ability to know when a woman is flirting with him. The mark of a truly content husband is his inability to notice, or his refusal to lend credence to, another woman's flirtations. As you can imagine, therein lies the problem- IF he is truly content.

As this article focuses on a couple who have hit a rough patch, we must assume that one or both are not feeling fulfilled. This means that, in spite of himself, a man's detection system is fully operational.

Because of this, when that pretty little waitress calls him honey and winks, there's something that hits him inside. If he is not careful, this will cause his thinking to become much more sexual in nature, leaving him fantasizing about someone other than his wife.
For this man, it is a rather short step from the fantasy to the action, provided he truly has convinced himself that there's no point in holding out.

I completely believe that there are men and women who have enough self control to not fall into temptation. I am convinced that a person is truly blessed when their spouse, following a withstood temptation, returns home to sweep them off their feet, demonstrating their love in action in a way both needed.
In this regard, I can see the author's point- However, it is far too risky and dangerous to initiate such a situation on one's own. Such a thing is like issuing an invitation to the devil.

However- Flirting within the relationship... Have fun!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Denominations: Not Divisions, But Organs In The Body Of Christ

God is far too complex for us to be able to comprehend a full revelation of who He is. Thus, he has allowed different aspects of Him to be seen by different people. Also, as humans, we are so varied that what helps me get into the throne room of God may not work for the person next to me.

I may enjoy lifting my hands and shouting praises to the rafters, whereas they may be much more focused on God if they are holding a hymnal and singing in a reverent tone. The other gentleman next to me might be the sort of willing vessel to jump and whirl when the Spirit comes upon him, while the woman next to him, because of her past, would not feel safe in anything but a carefully ordered service.

Thus, we have denominations, which are really only single words or phrases that sum up that church's approach to worship, Bible study, and prayer. Some of these are spawned due to rebellion, but some are very much acting upon a true revelation of God.

Very often, even those that originally began in rebellion have been blessed once that sin has been confessed.... Martin Luther rebelled against the "church" of his time because of a revelation of God and the meaning of His word.
Was the rebellion necessary? Only he and God know for certain, but the fact remains that it is because of him that many of us now know how to truly read and understand the Word of God.

As people come to know Christ, depending upon their prior lifestyle, God moves them into flocks that will minister best to their individual needs.

Someone who was an atheist for example, may not be able to get into the "Holy Spirit thing" right away, and thus God places him in a body that focuses more on the Word.
As he grows spiritually and develops, perhaps God will lead him into a new body, an new denomination even. Then again, perhaps not. His calling may keep him in that place, meant to instruct those who follow after him.

Or perhaps a former witch comes to knowledge of the Lord because of the Spirit she can feel around the Witness. She would, perhaps, be led to a Spirit manifesting church... One in which the Spirit that drew her can continue to love on her.
As she matures, perhaps she'll be led to another church or denomination, one that focuses more on the Word and it's study. Perhaps not. It may be her calling to become so filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, that she can simply enter a room and clear it, thus being able to witness to those in it unimpeded.

Either way, simply because someone hops, runs, walks, crawls or shuffles down the Straight and Narrow, the major thing that matters is that they are moving forward along it. If they are not moving, or not moving forward at all, then yes, there is a problem there.
If they have stalled, then there's a chance God is doing some major repair work. If they are falling, get out of the way, and take as many true believers with you as possible.

Some may feel that last part was too heavy handed, but let me be clear. When a church body is pronounced dead and lifeless by God Himself, it is time to leave. Period. Anyone staying will indeed be brought down with the ship- they either are too blinded, or they've got something to lose.

I've found this test to be true- The Word says to test the spirit with Spirit. Thus, ask the Lord to reveal if this particular church body is within His will. Because when it comes down to it, it's really not the entire denomination that's wacky, it's the individual bodies.

This was all brought about by a verse in the Bible, actually, in Acts...
I believe it was Gamaleil who stated that if this thing is not of the Lord, it will fail, but if it IS of the Lord, then we are powerless to stop it.
And there have been denominations who have fizzled into nothingness. And there are churches that have done the same.

So after reading that, I got this vision of the human body, and how all the organs are supplied blood, and they all work together. If one organ stops allowing the blood to leave it, it ceases to function correctly, causing the Body to weaken. This also will eventually cause the blood to stop flowing to it, which will cause a hemorrhage if left untreated.

So too the Body of Christ has many different parts that do many different things, but we all operate within the Body of Christ, and thus, MUST work together.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Rebuttal Of John Piper

The article this responds to can be found here.

I'm partially through, and I have come across a statement that concerns me...

Jesus nor his disciples seemed to understand God's absolute power as absolute control.

This concerns me for the reason that though Jesus prayed, "Your will be done," His prayer was not born from ignorance, but obedience and submission.

LENGTH WARNING!!! This turned into a lengthy post, however, I feel it's worthy of everyone's time...

Life belongs to God. He owes it to no one. He may give it and take it according to his infinite wisdom.

This is a point I have made several times in the recent past. However, I'd go a step further, and say that God controls life and death not only according to His Wisdom, but also to His Love. This is not to say that I agree entirely that God causes every death... Merely that those He does allow to happen, happen according to Wisdom or Love; Those perpetuated by the enemy, He uses for the good.

In other words, behind all disease and disability is the ultimate will of God.

I respectfully disagree. Perhaps, behind all disability, gained naturally. However, disease was not present upon this earth until the fall of man. It was part of the curse put on the earth as a result. Does disease exist BECAUSE of God? Yes. Is He directly responsible for this person or that person being struck by it? According to the Bible, I'd have to go with rarely.
From what I have read and studied, God normally causes disease as a punishment, or as motivation. However, I can see instances throughout history where He has caused someone to be born with some sort of physical drawback to further the Kingdom.
Again, I feel the law of exceptions applies to much of this argument.

Natural disasters. Again, I feel this is something people need to be very careful with. God created the natural power that we see, however, I do not believe that the ferocity we see is always of His ordination.
While I certainly do not prescribe to a lot of the junk the environmentalist movement tries to sell, there is strong scientific evidence which support the idea that the increased industrialization of the globe has contributed to the more erratic weather patterns.

Animals: Again, this is shaky ground. Again, this has it's root in the fall of man. For this reason, I'll simply refer to my previous statements, but I did feel it important enough to mention.

He has his purposes for every roll of the dice in Las Vegas and every seemingly absurd turn of events in the universe.
More that, living outside of earthly time, and according to the Word, He sees the end from the beginning, thus He knows each role, and has already planned accordingly.

Here we go again... I do not believe subscribe to Boyd's ideology, but neither can I support Edward's. Either the Bible is true, or it is not. Either God is All-knowing, All-seeing, Omnipresent, etc., or He is not.
Again, God sees the beginning from the end. In a more current statement, God stands at the beginning and the end, and sees all in between.
Yes, He gave us the gift of free will. However, He could also see the moment He gave it what would happen to the very end. For this reason, the plans that He puts into motion would seem to suggest that He ordained the initial decision, when in fact, he simply knew it'd be made prior to the decision-maker's mere existence.

In the case of Christ's death, it was Christ's sacrifice that was ordained from the beginning. Look at where it was initially foretold! God, in the instant He created man, knew all that would happen. Thus knowing, has moved through history, a Divine Hand guiding the flow of history, while allowing it to unfold, in general, as man's free will determines.
The interesting thing to note, here, is that just as God notes all the evil decisions, so to does He see all of the righteous ones: Salvation, seeking His Divine Will, and so on. Therefore, not only can we gather that God guides history through Divinity, but also through those who have given their lives to serve Him.

Edwards answers, "If by 'the author of sin,' be meant the sinner, the agent, or the actor of sin, or the doer of a wicked thing . . . . it would be a
reproach and blasphemy, to suppose God to be the author of sin. In this sense, I utterly deny God to be the author of sin." But, he argues, willing that sin exist in the world is not the same as sinning. God does not commit sin in willing that there be sin. God has established a world in which sin will indeed necessarily come to pass by God's permission, but not by his "positive agency."

And yet, causing a person to sin is considered sin in the same Word? No, once again, I feel that the way God moves in history is misunderstood. God put the knowledge within the garden, as well as life eternal.
However, the bringing about of sin into the world was neither His desire, nor His purpose. He wished for a creation that would CHOOSE to obey and love Him, rather than have that as a part of it's physical make-up.
Upon sin's release, we have only ourselves to blame for our actions- None know this to be true more than I. If Edwards premise be true, I could blame God for preordaining me to commit the sins and crimes I'm guilty of, and then sit back and allow anything to happen.
If, by his supposition, I did anything other the live by "what will be, will be," then I would actually be fighting God. However, Christ Himself urges us to live attempting to be perfect, just as the Father is perfect.
Furthermore, and by that very statement, we cannot in good faith support that God ordains His followers to stumble, as He has commanded that we not be a stumbling block to our brethren. If we are to follow His will according to Predisposition, then He has contradicted Himself, and is thus not God.

All in all, this is very thought provoking in it's implications, however, I feel that certain aspects are borderline heresy.

In closing this, let me simply say that because one broadens one's view to allow that God sees beginning to end, and planned accordingly from creation, does not take away from His divinity, His perfection or His love. In fact, it actually highlights it an great relief.

The Sovereignty Of God is far greater than Predestination allows.


Friday, June 29, 2007

The I.C.C.

Inescapable Christian Cowards.

We are not like the world. We run from anything that could get us into trouble, but would be a lot of fun to do. What cowards we are.
There are so many things that we DON'T do, and so many thing that we DO, that the world in general looks at us and utters a collective, "Huh?!"

WHY don't Christians participate in certain activities- seances, orgies, Mardi Gras?!
WHY when they finally DO something fun, do Christians ask forgiveness from people around them- And then from thin air?!
WHY, WHY, WHY do Christians get so worked up over gay marriage, prostitution, drugs, etc.?

These things are all harmless fun when done in the right manner! Gay deserve to be able to marry- Why are Christians so afraid of change?
Why shouldn't prostitution be legal- at least in some places? If it's what they want to do, if they have fun doing it, and if others are getting use from it, why not?
Why shouldn't Weed be legalized? It relaxes you, it calms you down... And if you want to go with a Christian argument, God created everything, right? So... Why not?

These are arguments I, and I'm sure you as well, have heard before. The fact that we oppose these things marks us a wimps, or cowards. We are "afraid" of change, "afraid" of fun, and "afraid" of all the "good" things in life.

For instance:

*We Flee Temptation
Drinking, smoking, promiscuity, pornography... All "good" things, and all things that we openly and loudly decry as wrong. These are things that we run from.
There are other things that are more personalized, such as dancing, certain music, films, etc. Personal preference issues that all add up to being completely and totally wimpy.

*Fear Of Change
Gay marriage? Abortion? Legalized prostitution?
All issues that we, again, loudly and strongly oppose. To see these issues come back so often and with so much support often makes us publicly wonder what is happening to our country. When these issues are brought up again and again, we question the moral fabric of the citizenry as a whole.
Our apparent "judgmental attitude" comes across as the fear of change, and there are examples throughout history tossed in our faces to illustrate that point. Salem Witch Trials, anyone?

*Fear Of Consequences
Whenever we fail our standards, we ask forgiveness from God. They see us praying and wonder why. What we did was merely fun, and we only live once- So why regret?
I have a few regrets, yes. But for the most part, I do not regret anything. All that I have gone through has molded me into who I am today, and I am a better man because of my own mistakes, and the consequences I have suffered.
However, the world sees our conviction from the Holy Ghost as guilt or regret. They don't understand this, in many cases.
Consequences are part of the natural order, but it shouldn't keep you from trying new things, in their minds. Plus, our insistence that there is much more to fear then what we receive on this planet is often viewed as a paranoid delusion formed to fortify our own fear.

Gentle As A Lamb, Wily As A Snake.
Often, our calling to be meek and gentle is misinterpreted as cowardice. Our calling to be smart and strategic is seen as subversive.
The world does not understand the concept of "turn the other cheek" in the same manner as we do. While many Christians take this expression to a wholly different extreme, our understanding is very much the same.
The Golden Rule only remains in effect until someone is in the wrong- then it is replaced with "an eye for an eye."
Our understanding is that when someone wrongs us, we forgive, and move on- If at all possible, treating the offending party no differently. If not possible, we take this rule to mean that we speak no evil against them, and pray for them.
Still, the world in general does not understand how we can wish good for someone who has done us wrong.
Our call to be "wily as a snake" often puts us at odds with governments that attempt to stop the spread of the Gospel. When we smuggle Bibles, walk backwards through the snow, meet as a church body, in worship, when the law specifically states otherwise, we are viewed as subversive. This is also a form of cowardice, in the eyes of many.

These are the reasons we are known as cowards. Cowards that walk up to complete strangers, telling them about the Love of an Almighty God, about Hell, and about the Salvation Story.

I am indeed a coward, because I refuse to deal with the consequences of NOT obeying my God.

This is why the world is so stunned when we Jesus Freaks are so passionate in our persecution. When we Freaks are mutilated, tortured, starved, imprisoned and/or murdered.
We are so "cowardly" in other areas of life, why, HOW, can we suddenly bear these horrors and NOT curse our tormentors; Not deny our beliefs; not do ANYTHING that would ease our suffering.

It is at this time, in this instant of ultimate courage in the midst of ultimate torment, that they begin to see our cowardice as courage- And all that we have said suddenly begins to make sense.

Are you among the ranks of the ICC?

Singles Ads

"Well, you know you're on Myspace!"

This is the response I get every time I complain about these stupid personals ads! This particular online dating site calls itself TRUE.

Well, TRUE, let me spin you a tale... A tale of deception, sex, and lies.

First off, the beefcake in your ad? Or the hot chick? If they actually needed your site, they'd have exchanged their posing for a membership, not posed, then spent all of that paycheck on your ridiculous membership prices.
So, basically, no one will ever find someone quite that good looking on your site.

Secondly, what business man comes home from a long day at the office, tired, worn out, and just wanting to relax? Probably all of them. But how many would actually consider taking off their suit coat, shirt and tie... Then putting the coat back on- Just for the heck of it?!
Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, ladies, but none to 1%, and the odds are running better for NO ONE.

Or, how many women will get home, and, feeling tired, put on some clingy, skimpy night shirt, throw a white faux fur rug on the hardwood floor, put their laptop there and their webcams on the back of a chair looking down their shirts- And call THAT relaxation?!
Again, odds are good that unless they earn their money this way, it doesn't happen!

Finally, the lies- You imply that the poor schmucks that are really looking for LOVE will come to your site, and find it in the arms of some supermodel. You suggest that women who look like that are ACTUALLY that desperate. You suggest men who look like that don't ALREADY have a bevy of women hanging from their arms.
You shamelessly promote your site knowingly using sexual inuendo; You know that these people do not exist except in fairy tale, and you use this to prey on those with self esteem problems. You act as if this is OK.

In summery, you people are liars, manipulators, scam artists, cheats, pimps, hoes, shameless, and every other word for lowdown, dirty, rotten, bottom feeding scumsuckers there is. You people are lower then corrupt trial defense lawyers. Lower then OJ Simpson's slogan writer. You have to look UP to see whale feces!

And, Tom, just a small footnote here with your name attached- You don't want Myspace to be affiliated with sex addicts, or anything else of that nature. Most of your market here is comprised of junior high students.

And that, my friends, is my rant for the day.

Music Peeves

There is music in this world that is created by stupid people. Seriously. One look at the effort taken to write some of these songs really makes you wonder how the songwriter actually got this far.

For instance... Sheryl Crow sang "all I wanna do is have some fun, I got a feeling, I'm not the only one..." Problem is, we already know she's not the only one who wants to have fun- In the very first verse, she meets a guy who tells her he wants to have a little fun before he dies!
Yet, we are still forced to listen to this moronic chorus line over and over again...

How about Message In A Bottle? The last line of the song "Sending out an S.O.S." repeats over a dozen times!!! What happened- did he run out inspiration?

Then, there's some fool techno song that repeats the same ascending seven tones over and over for six minutes. I normally like techno, but that is stupid!

Then there's that bloody cowboy who thought doing a country cover of Lips Of An Angel would be good idea. Hey, Dude, you're a moron. Slide guitars have no place on that song, not to mention that your cover absolutely SUCKS!

How about Love Train? Hall and freakin' Oates! I lost track counting the times they say "love train" at twenty!!!!!

Then, my personal favorite- Fatboy Slim. The guy has made an entire career of repeating the same line over and over and calling this abject idiocy a song.

OK, folks. That's enough ranting from me. If you're a musician, please for the sake of mankinds sanity- QUIT MAKING STUPID SONGS!

If God never changes, why does it seem like He does?

I've been thinking about this thought for a long time. I've been consumed by it, really. It's been on my mind during all waking hours, and I've dreamed of finding the answers to my musings in my sleep. What is this thought, you may ask. What kind of thought could keep a man from his much needed sleep? There are many, but this one has been on my mind the most:

If God is constant and never changing, why does it seem like He does?

I believe the reason we see God move in so many different ways has nothing to do with HIM CHANGING. It has everything to do with our understanding and comprehension.

God told Moses to hide in the cleft of the rock until He passed by. Moses only saw His back, and still came away overloaded with His visible Glory. The people of Israel had a hard time looking at Moses, and eventually, he had to wear a veil… The Israelites were afraid to look at him!

Then there are the verses about God's measureless Love, and other such scriptures.

I believe there's a reason that God changes His methods of movement, such as from the "Fire-and-Brimstone" tent meetings of the thirties to the Isuzu Street Outpouring to the Jesus People Movement of the seventies to the Billy Graham era, etc… I believe all of these moments in time can accurately mirror Who He is- But we wouldn't be able to go on living if we got a full revelation of His person or ways.

I fully believe that we can be in tune with the Holy Ghost and conduct Praise and Worship with only vocals, or with a full on symphony; with Hymns or with modern worship songs; With just Bible teaching and prayer and ten minutes of singing, to a three and four hour service.
I believe that while we squabble over doctrinal grievances, the Lord Himself grieves over us, because we fight over what we should be celebrating. From what I've seen, each "denomination" has a different way of worship, teaching and fellowship, but God has had a tangible presence in each church I've been to. We should celebrate, because we've all gotten to see a different facet of God, and the combined image should just boggle our minds.
Some have seen Him as a Judge, some have seen Him as a Father; some have seen Him as an Intercessor, some as a Physician.
These are all parts of Who God is, not the whole. The reason, I believe, is one of Love. When faced with His Glory, Power and Majesty, man would die. And so, we see through a glass darkly, we see Him through shades and hues and facets of His power. It is not that God is changing… It's that we are shown a different part of Him, each time.

The best way I could sum all this up in one sentence would be; God never changes- But He does change position on the throne!

I have noticed, as I read through Matthew, that the ministry of Jesus was constantly being interrupted by well meaning, but totally off base, individuals. They often asked Him questions that had to do with the law, with the God of Moses' time and so on.
I find it interesting to note that they could not see Jesus was actually giving them a different view of God- Not a "new" God!
However, from their responses, all the way to His very death, this is the impression they gave!

What does this have to do with people today, or better yet, with the Church today?

There are going to be those that will not accept this "Unity Of The Body" message I have been given. (did I just say that?) You may hear this and agree, and if so, you may pass these thoughts on to others. However, they may not like what we have to say, or agree with what we have to say.
Many in our spiritual family have gotten too tangled up in tradition to see Truth. Many are so busy singing "Old Time Religion," that they have missed the New Covenant.
These are those who will attempt to stop the spread of this message. These are the ones that will find men such as Ted Dekker to be "traitors" to the cause. These are the ones who will tear at us, back-bite, and attempt to undermine what is about to take place.

But know this. I have it within my heart, as I'm sure you do as well, that there will be an awakening in my life. That I will live from this day forward as One Body with fellow believers, regardless of our petty differences. That I will show His Love to everyone, to the extent of my own human limits.
These few tradition loving brethren may see me as a threat, but I will love them, accept them, include them, and in all other possible ways, show them the RELATIONSHIP OF CHRIST...

To have a relationship with our Creator is what the New Covenant is all about. Time to break the chains of religiosity, the chains the devil has worked so hard to snare us in, and show the world what True Christian Freedom is all about!

Thoughts on the direction of life

There's a few things I'd love to share...

1. God is awesome, God is great! And... He's definately got a plan!!

2. I stumbled upon a God appointment in August.

3. Because I followed direction, I met a girl named Manon.

4. Manon is awesome! We were offically together for about 9 months... She's awesome, she's got ambition, determination, and most importantly, she knows exactly what she wants from life. She's stable. Many of you already know how often I hook up with girls that are... not all together, so to speak. Manon is different. And God? THANK YOU!! Even though we did not last, I discovered a lot about myself, and we are still on speaking terms- Proof that starting a relationship on a foundation of friendship keeps things hospitable even if things don't work out.

A quick not to clarify some of the statements above. I do not hold anything against any of my ex's. None of them. I do, however, see the hand of God in just about all that has happened in my life. Including the breakups that I've been through.

All I've got to say is, trust God. He's got everything under control. Even if we can't see it.

Video games, cheats and "the evil empire!"

This will be very quick.

What happened to all the cheat codes for video games?!?

There are some awesome games that I play that would be awesome with like a "Big Head Mode" or something... There are a couple that take two hours of retries to beat a single level... If this were playstation or gamecube, there might be cheat codes available.

But- I have an X-box. And apparently 'The Evil Empire' doesn't like allowing anyone to change anything in regards to their programs, software, etc.

Guys. Lighten up. They're just games!


All, right... Let's get something straight right now. I am a fourth generation RED SOX FAN!! My mother is a Red Sox Fan, My grandmother before her, and so on.

My father, on the other hand, he and his whole family are New York Yankees fans. Long line of Yankees fans in that family as well.

Now... We're going to discuss giving credit where it's due.

Every Red Sox Fan I know can accept, and even cheer for, a good play. EVEN if it's the opposing team. EVEN if it's the Yankees.

Skip to every other teams fans. I have heard nothing but how all the other players in the game suck, and their team is perfection. I'm sick of it. GET REAL!

Your team is just as good, and just as bad, as every other team out there. Yes, even the mighty Yankees. Every single one of them has bad spells, and every one of them has good spells. Some last longer then others... 86 years for the Red Sox.

But even in the 86 years that the Sox weren't in the world series, they made some incredible plays. Some record book plays; and some record book follies!

The truth is: So has everyone of the other teams throughout the game.

So, get down off your high horse, applaude the good play, moan that your team should have gotten that player in the off season, or whatever you have to do... But suck it up, and quit being the guy up front I'm about to dump soda on!!!


All right everybody... Let's talk about DRIVING. It's that thing you do when you get behind the wheel of a car.

Lot's of people say they can drive, but not too many seem to actually be able to. There are always things they do, or don't do, that just seem to get under the skin... Know what I mean??

Take, for instance, my ride to work today. The person in front of me did not seem to realize that the speed limit thru that section of roadway was 40mph. We were doing 30. They also did not seem to realize that they needed to put their blinker on before turning. This nearly resulted in a fifteen car pile-up on Daniel Webster Highway.

Not a good thing.

Then there are the people who seem to be attached to the bumper of the car in front of them. Also known as tailgaters, these bozo's believe that by riding that way, the vehicle in front of them will have to speed up, or turn off.

Just so we're clear: I don't tolerate that. If someone is on my bumper, I slow, then tap the brakes, then hit the brakes. Dude hits my car, then dude just bought my new one. Three strikes and you're out, homie!

When not having to deal with idiot driving, I always seem to hit all the red lights, construction or detours... Can I get a witness?

Nevertheless, there is something that I try to keep in mind at all times: If I'd've left early, the wait wouldn't be a thing.


Leave early, drive the limit, signal your turns, and never, never tailgate..... It might be me in front of you!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

All Right People...

Entry number 2.

Why, why, why, why do some people find it so hard to come up with original things to say?

I love recieving E-mail... Love it. But half the junk I get is just that- JUNK! Even some of what comes from wonderful friends of mine are nothing but forwards and pointless crap!

People- I, for one, would rather get four or five words from the heart then a box full of forwards and junk mail!

So, keeping this in mind, go to your E-mail server, and compose something- anything. This is an exercise in proper technique... How to write something from the heart. It might be simple as "Hi... What's up?" It could be a long letter that you never realized was just waiting to escape.

Either way, the person you're writing will be happy to hear from you, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you've done something good.

Right. Well, cio!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Rambling on about nearly nothing...

All right.. My first blog.

Ever notice how everyone seems to jabber about absolutely nothing in there very first post? I'll try not to do that. I I have opinions, dawgonit!!

1st opinion: Bush is actually doing a pretty good job as president, and the only reasons people don't like him are: They think the world would be a peaceful place if the US wasn't at war; They can't admit that he's doing a good job because then they'd have made a mistake when they backed Kerry; They swallow every damn thing the media throws their way without asking questions; Or, they're just the kind of people that were actually stupid enough to believe that Michael Moore actually makes documentaries as opposed to propaganda.

Yes, I suppose there are people who just plain don't like him. Fine. But don't come out quoting some tired rhetoric or buzzword you've heard on CSPAN or ABC. Make up your own mind, for crying out loud! Have an opinion, and base it on something you believe, not because of what someone said, but because you yourself have looked into it. You have studied the facts. You have seen the cases, and you have drawn your conclusions.

And that concludes rant #1. I promise to give you more food for thought, or just hate mail, later on. for now, adios!

(Originally posted on Myspace Wednesday, March 15, 2006)