Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dropping the Act

...or, The Day the U.S. Government Ended the Facade

This article contains strong language, truth statements,
fact reminders, and uncensored free thought; this is the only
"trigger warning" anyone will get. Reader takes full
responsibility for hurt feelings, wounded pride, umbrage,
mental instability and all other ouchies. Reader agrees NOT
to email complaints, tirades, rants or any other form of
displeasure to the author, as he DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT,
and will likely respond with something that will further
damage warm fuzzy feelings.

I wish that I could say, emphatically and with conviction, that I believe the United States is the best country in the world.

I wish I could state with unequivocating firmness that our form of government is unique and without equal.

I wish that I could sing the praises of a nation that honors truth, justice, and personal responsibility. 

I wish that I could stand unmoving in a debate on why this country is great.

I also truly, genuinely, wish that I could say that I trust all police to do their jobs in accordance with the law; believe all politicians will speak with honesty; and watch every political campaign behave with integrity.

If you do not believe this, then you are more cynical than I used to be.

Before Barrack "I Hate You All" Obama.

Before the Benghazi "Didn't Have To Happen" Slaughter. 

Before Bernie "Socialist Is A Socialist" Sanders.

Before Hillary Clinton was let off the hook live on national television.

It may be hard to believe, but there was a time in this country when politicians were taken to task for their indiscretions, rather than being idolized for inappropriate actions within the Oval Office. There was a time when the words that politicians spoke were held against their own history. There was a time when a politician's actions against the laws of the land meant public disgrace, criminal proceedings, and certain prison time; the only question being whether that politician would get half a sentence, or the maximum allowed by law.

Sadly, this can no longer be said; and I pity the parents whose children watched a grown woman laugh off her treacherous and criminal behavior. "...But why do I have to be grounded? Hillary Clinton gets away with everything!" As ludicrous as that sounds, I can hear it echoing in politically savvy homes.

There are those who have stated that the FBI Director did what he could to preserve democracy in this country. If they had recommended she be charged, then Trump would have been the de facto winner before there was ever a vote, or so this theory states. I say bullshit. Mr. FBI did exactly what the Obama regime and HRC both wanted him to do: Become the object of hatred and spite for millions in the United States while they walk free.

If anyone thinks for a single iota of time that people were fooled into thinking she did nothing wrong, my response would immediately be "what sort of people?" 

I'm sure those sheeple too whipped into subservience to think for themselves believe that. I'm also just as certain that there is the regular idiot who has convinced him or herself that it's true, simply because they want it to be. Of course, there are also those who are generally too stupid to know when they're being taken for a ride; those too foolish to recognize manipulation; those too spaced out to know reality from fantasy; those insufferably arrogant libtards who will be voting with their party lines as quickly as they were snorting lines in the 60s and 70s; and the goosestepping militant feminist that actually thinks that "voting with their vagina" is a sound approach.

Fortunately, all of this has been too much for some sheeple and idiots, and these have begun to develop their own thought patterns. Some space cadets have returned to earth with the announcement, and there are feminists who recognize the sheer cretinism behind a move to vote based upon genitalia. Sadly, stupidity can only be fixed once, and it's generally illegal... Though I'll have to check with the FBI to see if that can be gotten away with also.

I fully expect an uptick of crime and general lawlessness if Benghazi Clinton is elected. Why? Well if the leader of the once "greatest-nation-on-earth" can get away with treason, sabotage, racketeering, insider trading, fraud, embezzlement, slander, perjury, and possibly even murder- Why shouldn't everyone? Moreover, those who up until that point had been law abiding citizens may just begin utilizing civil disobedience, and ultimately resort to more extreme methods in the face of being led by a traitor and a criminal.

I also fully expect to once more hear talk of secession. It would remain at just talk, because with Killary in office, military actions on our own soil would be damn near certainty. Not that she would even need to use the military due to her own private army of ATF, EPA, DHS and IRS agents- Don't be misled, they are now armed to the teeth and possess battlefield grade body armor -Which she could send to simply shut down a State from within. However, I see military being used if a State tried to opt out of the Union, mainly because her little stormtroopers will be too busy terrorizing everyone else who disagrees with her (And we are legion.)

We're being led by a group of individuals who have aged physically but who have never matured enough to behave as adults. We're being led by people who have degrees in many different fields but who cannot even begin to define common sense. The long and short of it is that we're being led by a group of retards- And if you don't like my using that word, perhaps look up the actual definition before attempting to give me shit.

Let me just really bring everything to the table, in the interest of transparency and full disclosure. If you vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, you are voting for a criminal. Don't give me the FBI line of "choose not to convict." The man spent the first half of the address enumerating her illegalities! A vote for her is a vote for a godless, God damned, cold and heartless bitch who is more worthy than any I have ever known to wear the label of "See You Next Tuesday." 

Oh- Dear limp-wristed, butt-hurt, automaton, social justice whiner type readers? Don't you dare tell me to calm down, take it easy, stop being so hostile, chill my rhetoric, or any of that bullshit that only applies to everyone but yourselves.

I've tiptoed around; I've tried to be civil; I've tried to be decent when it came to this current political climate- But fuck it. If the rule of law means nothing to this bloated and colorless sack of flesh, then frankly folks- I don't give a damn. What should really put the fear of man into this current government, however, is I am only one of millions who feel the same way.

You fail to enforce the law justly? You hide the truth? You cover up wrongdoing? You wink at criminal acts? You allow treason? Fine. Where you won't speak out, we will. Sadly, where you won't act, there are those who will. I hope and pray it never comes to that, and I will certainly condemn any who take the call to action as a call to violence. Nevertheless, I am calling it down the line, as I see it, and there has been enough shit from the federal government in the last year to fuel the rage of the few violently unhinged types for several lifetimes.

The future is far from bright, folks. Now that the government has dropped the facade of being "of the people, by the people and for the people," there is nothing to actually stop them- Except for roughly one hundred and fifty million plus exceedingly pissed off, disgusted and fired up citizens; a powder keg for which only the slightest relative failure, injustice and/or excessive use of power will cause an explosively catastrophic chain of events that history will trace back - To the Obama Regime, and Hillary Rodham Clinton's "get-out-of-jail-free" card.

So no thanks- I won't be ready for Hillary anytime soon. She does not belong anywhere but a prison cell. 

For that matter, I'm not feeling the Bern, nor do I think we can Trump the system. In all honesty, I'm preparing to weather a massive and potentially violent reset of the structure of this country, and I highly recommend doing the same.

Or, you could just vote for the psycho bitch.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Funeral Planning on Father's Day

It is with a heavy heart that I come back to the blog.

Days before this past Father's Day, we had a tragic death in the family.

My Stepfather's youngest brother, Doug, hung himself. It was sudden, and it is as yet unexplained. Very often, when stories of a suicide come to light, we hear of a note being left behind; or a journal that explains everything; or some sort of heartfelt letter on a computer or social media.

Unfortunately, at least at the time of writing this, I know of no such thing happening here.

My Mom, Stepfather Dave, and the whole family are still in shock- And as one might imagine, grieving at levels that thankfully many do not know. one might imagine, [they are] grieving at levels that thankfully many do not know.

I remember talking with Doug at Mom and Dave's wedding. He was smart, funny, and had a big heart. I remember thinking to myself on the way home I hope I see more of that guy. He was awesome!

Sadly, none of the following visits seemed to allow for this.

It's rare that someone leaves a deep and lasting imprint on us, but that was the sort of person I found Doug to be: Kind, easy to be around, and unforgettable.

Regardless of what brought on this terrible event, all who knew him now must figure out how to live without him. This may normally be uncomplicated for some folks, but I think that in Doug's case, it may be hard even for these.

This is the second person I have known who has committed suicide by hanging. The first was a good friend and a brother of sorts days before my 16th birthday. Now, an Uncle by marriage who made such a big impact over the course of a single day- And his coming mere days before Father's Day.

No one should ever have to plan a funeral over a day dedicated to fathers- And certainly, no father should ever have to plan the funeral of his son. Yet this was the reality for Mom, Dave and his family.

No one should ever have to plan a funeral over a day dedicated to fathers- And certainly, no father should ever have to plan the funeral of his son.

My Mom recently wrote about this event on her blog; please feel free to check it out.

The family has also been under terrible financial strain, and with Doug's suicide, they are now reaching out for help. Reaching out to all of you.

If you can donate anything to help cover the cost of burial and funeral, please consider doing so. Anything above the goal (which is the cost of burial and funeral expenses- No fluff) will go to set up a trust fund for his two children. If you cannot give, then please share this campaign on the social media of your choice.

Thank you for all of your prayers, condolences, thoughts, well wishes, and support. It means the world to the whole family.

God bless you.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wake Up

I'm sorry, World, Nation, State, Town and Community. I can't tell you how it happened, but I can promise that I'm awake once more.

An alarm clock went off this past week. It wasn't mine, and like most people I hate those pesky and annoying alarms; however, regardless of the fact that I didn't set it and ignoring the fact that I didn't ask for it, the alarm blared away. It frustrated me to no end to have to deal with coming out of a rather decent dream to address the intrusive klaxon, but in the end, that is exactly what I had to do. And to deal with the relentless noise, I had to actually wake up.

It sucks to wake up. I don't get a lot of sleep; heck, I barely get enough sleep. Having to wake up from a dream of barbecues and baseball and family gatherings and church functions was the last thing I wanted to do. Sardonically, it seemed like hell at the time.

I have no problem telling you that I regret feeling that way. I also regret mumbling under my breath the various death threats we all tend to give our alarm clocks. How dare it intrude, why I oughtta... You get the picture. These regrets have rarely come up in the past; I much prefer to live without regret and that requires thinking about my words and actions and how I live today.

I don't get a lot of sleep; heck, I barely get enough sleep. Having to wake up from a dream of barbecues and baseball and family gatherings and church functions was the last thing I wanted to seemed like hell at the time.

Nevertheless, the regrets became reality when I realized what had shocked me out of my pleasant dreams. I didn't realize it at the time, because I was too involved with self-pity to look at the news alert. I didn't hear about it as I got ready for church, because I was too concerned with hair that didn't seem to want to stay in place. No, it wasn't until I was actually in church and the pastor began speaking that I found out what it was that woke me up: 50 people dead in Orlando, Florida. Countless injured. Shooter likely a self-radicalized domestic terrorist. Possible ISIS ties.

I woke up Sunday; I woke up grouchy, cranky and pissed off. and to be honest, it hasn't gone away. I'm not talking about waking up from falling asleep Saturday night, but the fact that I woke up from a dream that had me genuinely fooled into a sense of complacency. It's been over a year since I last wrote, and there was a large gap before that. How did that happen? How did I become so apathetic that the world around me was able to almost literally dip into Hell without me noticing, let alone writing about the problem?

I'm sorry, World, Nation, State, Town and Community. I can't tell you how it happened, but I can promise that I'm awake once more.

There are some out there who have termed the Orlando shooter a coward, a lowlife, a bigot and a thug. I feel that while all of these monikers fit, none go far enough. The sheer loathsome, despicable nature of a mindless, senseless, gullible, malleable, and witless creature such as this boggles the mind and prevents me from assigning him any form, fashion or dignity otherwise granted to humanity.

Is it finally dawning on most of the United States population that regulations and restrictions do not ipso facto make people safer? ...I would like to say yes. ...Unfortunately, because I am awake, I cannot indulge that wish. It isn't true. It isn't fact. It isn't even close to accurate.

There are those out there who claim that this disgusting excuse for a human being was only able to carry out his attack because of loose gun regulations and restrictions. This is complete and total crap. Mateen passed every single stricture and regulatory measure to purchase his weapons. He purchased not only his gun, but his ammo completely in accordance with current law. Is it finally dawning on most of the United States population that regulations and restrictions do not ipso facto make people safer?

I would like to say yes. I would dearly love to make the firm statement that people are beginning to wake up from that little fantasy also. Unfortunately, because I am awake, I cannot indulge that wish. It isn't true. It isn't fact. It isn't even close to accurate.

No, people want more regulations for the parasitic brothers of this pitiful slime to weave  carefully through. They want more restrictions for other biological refuse piles to happily comply with. They actually believe that this will help them, when it actually just helps the scum of the Earth avoid detection longer. Oh- And this erroneous viewpoint is not helped by the spineless, feckless troglodytes in Congressional and Executive office. The next time the Democrats decide to stage a protest for gun control during a moment of silence/prayer, like they did for the victims of the Orlando shooting, I would personally like to volunteer to flog every single one of them. Go watch Mr. Smith Goes To Congress, you idiots, and figure out what you did wrong.

There is an article written by Daniel Hayes that recently hit social media. It is excellent, and it lays out the only solution to this problem of reigning in these mass shootings. I agree with him on a lot, and disagree on one or two points, but I am far more inclined to stand with him on this point than I perhaps ever was.

The notion that every other form of regulation and restriction being tossed around would lead to potential civil war is not merely alarmist claptrap. The majority in this nation do not like their freedom impeded; they do not appreciate their liberties being infringed; and they despise overuse of authority. They will revolt against a government attempting to remove their weapons, for instance. They will rebel against a government attempting to force psych evaluation for firearm ownership. Though still being in all other respects law abiding citizens, measures such as those being talked about would lead to private rebellion, public unrest, and ultimately open conflict when the feds show up to enforce any of these measures.

But Mr. Hayes has it right: The one, and in my view only, measure that will work is immediately banning the sale of high capacity magazines, and restricting AR-15's and similar weapons to magazines of 10 rounds only. I have previously argued against such steps, but I have changed my stance based upon the state of the world around us; if others cannot do the same, they need to wake up.

The notion that every other form of regulation and restriction being tossed around would lead to potential civil war is not merely alarmist claptrap. The majority in this nation do not like their freedom impeded; they do not appreciate their liberties being infringed... This administration doesn't know a good thing from a nightmare...

The Pompous-In-Chief Obama, and his lousy administration, would have us believe that more than this must be done; but their words do not line up with their own actions. This administration has promised (and delivered) weapons, money and training to groups of known terrorists in Africa.  This administration has denied prosecution of such creatures as Joseph Kony and his ilk. Yet, with this and more in their record, they would seek to convince the people that starting down the road to total disarmament is a good thing. This administration doesn't know a good thing from a nightmare, folks.

Here are some facts that the Obama administration is failing to mention when giving out their half-truths and twisted logic.

According to the administration, there are 30,000 gun related deaths in the United States annually. We can all agree that this is far too high a number; and if that was all there was to it, perhaps even I would be singing a different tune. However... When looking at the FBI and CDC statistics that gave them such a high number, things take on much different appearance.

Of those 30,000 deaths, 20,000 were suicides. Suddenly, we've dropped from the 30,000 deaths that the administration infers are the result of homicidal maniacs to 10,000. That is still too high a number; but there's more we are not being told.

About 5,000 of those are within the confines of gang-affiliated violence within the inner city. Another roughly 3,000 are justified shootings; in other words, where law enforcement has had no other choice than to take down a suspect. Only a little over 1,000 of these gun related deaths per year are the result of a maniac with a gun. That means, for those who are paying attention to the numbers, that the average American citizen who is not affiliated with a gang, planning a crime, or contemplating suicide has less than a one hundredth of a percent chance of being shot by a maniac... But apparently, we have a gun violence epidemic in the United States.

Listen- As I said in the beginning, I'm awake. I see where this world is at, and I see the need for change. However, being awake also means seeing what is not going to work. More importantly, it also means everything winds up being put in perspective, such as with the statistics above. If you want gun control measures that will be grudgingly, but largely accepted by the majority of the gun owning population, then limit magazines to 10 rounds. If you want to stop maniacs from doing what happened in Orlando, limit magazines to 10 rounds.

However, if you want to stop maniacs from killing any more than one or two people when they intend to kill far more... There's only one of two things to do. Either get used to disappointment, or loosen restrictions that only law-abiding citizens follow... Such as no-gun-zones for concert halls, theaters and clubs.

Two things are certain since the Orlando shooting: The first is that something must be done, and the only thing that will make any difference at all deals with magazine size; and the second is that if someone in that club actually had a gun legally present, Mateen would have brandished his firearm and gotten only one or two shots off before that legally carrying clubgoer nailed him between the eyes.

If you don't see that, then maybe it's time that you woke up.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Beware the Memes on the Internet!

This Meme is Making the Rounds on Facebook. The charge is
that it was seen outside a mosque in Dearborn, MI.
My writing history as relates to Islam is pretty well chronicled here on Renegade's Rants, and it would not be hard for any reader of this article to see exactly what I mean. I should point out that while I am much less rabid than many writers of a Christian conservative viewpoint, I am nevertheless very much anti-anyone who is anti-America. It is not that I believe growing up in this country makes anyone more or less elite than anyone else in the world; it is the fact that to this day, the US is still one of the best places to be for religious freedom, personal freedom, and the overall protection of law.

With this being said, I also find the intentional misrepresentation of Muslims to be sickening. If anyone has an issue with Islam, that to me is fine; the issue is with an ideology, as opposed to a living and breathing human being. However, to take pot shots at people because they believe differently, live differently, and dress differently is absolutely and unequivocally the lowest, most despicable, undeniably vile thing anyone can do. Those who manufacture such gross lies and stories are the first in my proverbial crosshairs today.

Above is a picture which I have seen going viral on Facebook and on Google+ most of the day. It is certainly frightening to think that anyplace within the United States would have such a sign, and it is terrifying to think that there could be a group of people so brazen as to say place it in the first place. According to the various comments accompanying this image, it is seen outside a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. Understandably, the picture is creating quite a stir.

However, the first thing I would like you to do is look at the title on the sign seen above: There is no such mosque in Dearborn, MI, and likely never would be. That is because even the most militant of Muslim extremists in the US (and there are radical Muslims living in this nation and seeking to create a caliphate here) would never blatantly advertise their goal. How do I know? Because there are far too many gun toting nutcases out there who would have no problem turning their attention from the basically defenseless people in abortion clinics to equally defenseless people in a mosque. The intention of the radical are not to get their own killed; sure they'll use suicide bombers and the like; but they need people who do not wish to commit suicide to populate whatever region they are intent on taking over. This is just one reason of several for why the sign seen above ought to raise eyebrows.

For my dollar (nickles are currently worthless), whoever created this meme in the first place ought to be paraded into the public spotlight to explain themselves, at the very least. Preferably, I'd like to see them tried on criminal charges. They do not deserve to live as though they are law-abiding citizens; nor do they deserve to believe they are patriots without having that self-aggrandizing notion severely challenged in a court of law. Whomever created this hoax ought to be caned. For that matter, anyone sharing and perpetuating this willful attempt at inciting violence; anyone who is doing so and knows it to be false; ought to be charged, convicted and punished as accomplices.

But, here I am, going off on a tangent again. I suppose it wouldn't be a rant without the occasional rabbit trail.

Note the URL seen at the bottom of this image.
Can you see the one in the first image? No? That's because
someone intentionally cropped it out of the picture.
Let me get back to why this sign is a hoax.  To the right, note that you can see the very same symbol at the top of the sign. The very same title can be seen on the sign. The very same building can be seen to the right of the sign, and the cars are exactly the same and in the same positions as in the image above. Note however that the slogan is not the same. How is this possible?

Anything is possible when you utilize a church sign generator, which is precisely what the perpetrator of this particular hoax did. What's more, he or she did so with the express purpose of creating hysteria. What's worse is that this meme was created around or long before 2014, which means some ignoramus decided to resurrect this specific zombie- And believe me, it is so evil that even Umbrella Corp would wash their hands of it.

In summary, if you value your own reputation as an intelligent, ethical and law-abiding individual, DO NOT repost this atrocity. It is beyond foolish. It is beyond childish. It is an absolute abomination that fully deserves to be forgotten. Feel free to tell the same to your friends... Or, if you're not sure how they'd react, then by all means; share this article with them. It's worth it to hopefully save someone from the shame of ignorantly following hate and fear mongers.

Renegade out.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Publishing My First Novel

It has been a crazy two years.

The more I look at that sentence, the more I realize that it is a vast understatement. When you go from being single, to being married; from financial stability to near ruin; back and forth between health and disability; from having a sure and certain home to questioning where you'll be living and when- All in the space of two years -Saying it has been crazy is a little like saying the monsoons of India are gentle showers. Combine all of this with attempting to get my first novel published and all of the issues that go along with that, and I definitely have had more than my share of crazy.

So here's the deal: I've had a rough time of things financially, just like everyone in this world it seems. That makes it seemingly insurmountable to publish a book, at least on my own. At the same time, this novel is really all I've got going for my family and I. That means that I really do need to publish.

So I'm thinking to myself "How do I manage to do what I can't do?" I know there are plenty of folks out there who might go get a loan or something similar, but I am not in a position to do that- I've got nothing for collateral and very little I could put forward as surety. So again, "How can I do what I can't seem to do?"

Now with God all things are possible; with man, well... With man, we often need some help. Sometimes it's because He wants us to be blessed at the hands of others. Sometimes, its to show us that we're all in this thing together, and we need to stand in unity. ...Then there are the times when we're just proud and God wants to break us down by having us rely upon others. I fell into that third category.

The lesson here for me was that we all need to ask for help; and most times it's because the blessing that comes isn't just for us, but also for those who help.

This is the reason I'm now breaking my personal tradition and asking that you help me. If you can donate anything, terrific- If you can't, please spread the word. This is the door to a new life for us, and I truly believe it is an opportunity for me to give back as well.

Thank you, my friends.